Luggage Tags that will make your bags stand out!

A little vacation from sneak peeks with a stamping Luggage Tags tutorial!

Minnesota Loon chip board luggage tag make and take for JunkieFest 2018

While I was working out the Minnesota Loon Luggage Tag Make & Take for JunkieFest 2018, I also stamped these fun Hawaiian themed luggage tags! Hawaiian Luggage Tags Pineapple, Hula Girl, Palm Trees

Stamps used to create luggage tags: Aloha! Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Palm Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsLighthouse Multi-Step Clear Stamps (seagulls), and for the address lines on the back of tag – Playful Frames & Journaling (retired) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Hawaiian Luggage Tags Pineapple, & Hula Girl Here is a quick tutorial to make and stamp your own coaster luggage tags.

Materials and Tools:

  • 4″ square chipboard coasters
  • Punch Tool from Making Memories (and hammer)
  • Xacto Knife and metal edge ruler
  • self-healing cutting mat
  • electrical tape or washi tape

Coaster Chipboard Luggage Tag materials and tools

Step 1: With a self-healing mat, metal edge ruler, and Xacto knife cut a 4″ square chipboard coaster in half.

Cut 4" square Coaster Chipboard in half

Step 2: Cut a round corner on each “square corner” on the side of the coaster that was cut down the middle.

  • A: Stack both coaster halves (now 2 tags) together with the rounded corner tag on the top of the “square corner” tag.
  • B: Align the top tag to match up on both sides of the bottom tag (see photo B below). The area that is indicated as orange in photo B, will be the area that is cut off.
  • C: With a xacto knife and using the top tag round corner as a guide, carefully trim away the excess “square corner” from the bottom tag. NOTE: Be careful not to cut into the top tag while cutting the bottom tag.

Cutting round corner of Coaster Chipboard Half

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 on the other “square corner” of bottom tag, so all 4 corners of the tag are now round.Finished cut coaster chipboard tag

Before punching the slot at one end of the tag …  IF you are using this tool and planning on punching more than 1 or 2 tags (still be careful), it is a good idea to tape the tool’s cutting tip to the striking handle. The tip can easily slide away from the striking handle cause an open space that will then close when hitting down on the striking end of the handle with a hammer and it is possible for the skin on your hand/fingers to get pinched. (While my son was helped me punch 150 tags, this happened to him causing a blood blister on the palm of his hand :(.) We used electrical tape to secure the cutting tip to the handle, but I believe washi tape would work too.tip: tape punch tip to striking handle Placing the tag on a self-healing mat that is on a hard/no flex surface (counter, cement floor, etc.) position slot cutting tool at one end of the tag and hit the striking end with a hammer. This should take about 2 to 3 hits with the hammer. You will see on the other side when the tool has cut through. If you find that you are having to strike with the hammer more than 3 times, the surface under the self-healing matt isn’t hard or sturdy enough.

Finished cut and slot punched coaster chipboard tag

Now all you have left to do is stamp away on the tag front.

Hawaiian Luggage Tags Aloha Palm Trees

After stamping the front of the tag, I stamped “address lines” using the journaling lines stamp from Playful Frames & Journaling (retired).

As for the luggage tag strap, I used approx. 7″ in length of 1.25″ wide grosgrain ribbon and lightly burned the cut ends with a lighter to prevent the ends from unraveling. To fasten the ribbon ends together, I used plastic snaps (found on Amazon). I am sure there are many other options for attaching your luggage tag, but I wanted something lightweight and that wouldn’t have a backside edge that could scratch the handles of my suitcase (and with 150 to make, I wanted fast and easy;)) so I chose to use a plastic snap (the kind they use on infant clothes). Note: if using snaps, the second end of the ribbon needs to go through the tag before adding the last snap.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and give stamping your own luggage tags a try.

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(Pineapple, Hula Girl, and Palm Tree Luggage Tags)


Stamps used to create luggage tags: Aloha! Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Palm Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsLighthouse Multi-Step Clear Stamps (seagulls), and for the address lines on the back of tag – Playful Frames & Journaling (retired) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: 4″ square chipboard coasters

Inks(all Memento Inks unless noted) 

Embellishments & Tools1-1/4″ wide grosgrain ribbon, plastic snaps, and Punch Tool from Making Memories.

2 thoughts on “Luggage Tags that will make your bags stand out!

  1. Great idea–thanks for the tutorial.


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