LED Circut Sticker Lights Christmas Card

Making your Holiday Cards Merry & Bright!

Trimming the tree Christmas card … that lights up!


I mentioned in my last post, adding LED Circut Sticker Lights (from Chibi) to cause an ornament to light up, that the inspiration came from the awesome YouTube tutorial, Interactive Lava Lamp Card from Whimsical Card StudioThis tutorial video shows step-by-step how to build a light-up card, which I had to give a try with Christmas Lights Multi-Step Clear Stamps.

Stamping on 4.24″ x 5.5″ Solar White Classic Crest cardstock (Neenah), I stamped all the lights and using the Misti, I stamp 3 cards at once.

Next, using stamping masking paper from Stampendous, I cut enough bulb only masks for all 3 cards (15 masks). Then stamped all the pine branches and the word “PUSH” in the upper right corner where the cell battery would be located.

After having all the stamping done, I trimmed the card down to 4″ x 5.25″. Later, I decided to add a 1/4″ black frame from behind. With the card raised a good 1/4″ up from the card base, the black frame helps define the cards edge.

After the card was trimmed and had the frame, I could now determine where the LED Circut Sticker lights would go and marked them on card base card stock. 

Then I just followed the directions form the YouTube Video from Interactive Lava Lamp Card from Whimsical Card Studio, for placing the copper tape, the cell battery, and LED Circut Sticker lights.


I tried adding a sentiment over the pine needles to the front of my second card (all red lights), but it did not turn out and the sentiment was hard to read. So, I added the sentiment to a die cut scalloped rectangle. This looked better, but I think looks a bit strange when light up??? Maybe I needed to add another light Circut Sticker behind the sentiment?


Stamps to make these cards: Build a Garland Multi-Step Clear Stamps (pine branch), Christmas Lights Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Mix It Up! Alphabet Clear Stamps, and Big & Bold Christmas Greetings Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.Tis-the-Season-Red-Lights-Card-lit

Color Recipes for these stamp sets:

Build a Garland (pine branch)

Christmas Lights


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Lynn  Jeanne


Christmas Ornament Series – week 14

1 Week ‘Til Christmas – A Holiday Ornament to make your Holidays Merry & Bright!

Trimming the tree with lights… the evolution of an ornament!

This particular ornament has been in the “works” for a couple of months. First, I stamped a tree where the ink would not cooperate because of the knot in the wood disk would not absorb the ink as I would have liked (see photos below). So instead of scrapping the disk, I decided to proceed by adding water with Wink of Stella glitter pen brush on the highlights for shimmer, smaller pine trees with puffy snow embossing powder, and a large cut-out pine tree with small holly with berries to cover up the messed up inking below.


But something was missing on the large pine tree. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to add snow or ornaments, so the ornament sat and sat… waiting for inspiration (LOL). Then I picked up some Nuvo Glitter Accents – Fresh Snowfall. This was a nice addition, but what if I could add lights too? That could be totally cool!


Stamps to make this ornament: Pine Trees Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Icy Pond Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Cabin by the Lake Multi-Step Clear Stamps, and Holly & Mistletoe Multi-Step Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

I then found this Interactive Lava Lamp Card, that showed how they used LED Circut Sticker Lights (from Chibi) to light up their card. This was just the inspiration that I was looking for!

This best part of this idea (technic) was that I already had copper foil tape and cell batteries. All I needed to purchase were the lights! These are the only 3 things needed to add lights to your craft projects. [NOTE: Chibi Lights are pretty cool and super easy to use! The lights can be found in white (packs of 3 or 30), different colors, and special effects (blink, fade, twinkle, and heartbeat). Starter kits can also be purchased that includes copper tape and cell batteries.]

BUT, I wanted to figure out a way where I could turn the lights on and off without having to manually keep it on by pressing the copper tape to the battery. I needed an ON/OFF Switch.


I wondered if I could use the simple ON/OFF switch of a plastic tea light to work with the copper tape?

cutting-tes-lightAfter popping off the plastic bulb of the tea light and cutting off the top with shears, I could see two wires (+ and  -) that could be used to connect to the copper tape! I tested it first… and it WORKED! Yahoo!


First I carefully removed the large pine tree from the ornament (now you can see where the ink smeared over the knot).

Ornament Light Assembly:

  1. Cut about 4″ to 5″ length of copper tape and then cut it down the center giving you two strips of copper tape.
  2. Place the two strips parallel to each other, making sure the spacing matches the sensors of the LED Circut Sticker light and don’t touch. Centered the copper strips in the area that will be covered by the large pine tree.
  3. The copper strips will go up and over the top of the ornament and continue down the back of the wood disk ornament and connect to the tea light switch.  Adhere each tealight wire to one of the copper strips. 
    • Note: I was able to place the small bunch of copper wires from the switch under the copper tape. The other wire, the thicker switch wire was shorter so I wrapped the other strip of copper tape around the wire before carefully placing the switch unit down on the wood disk. You want to make sure you have a good connection and that there is no chance of the wires crossing. While connecting the wires to the copper tape, I made sure the switch was on (with a fresh battery in place) and the lights were in place so I could see if I had a good connection when the lights turned on.
  4. Adhere the switch unit in place to the back of the wood disk with hot glue.
  5. Add pop dots between LED lights and on the outer tree branches. I added half of a wooden toothpick to the one tree branch that extended past the wood disk for extra support.



Color Recipes for these stamp sets:

Pine Trees

Icy Pond

Cabin by the Lake

Holly & Mistletoe


Thanks for stopping by for the Fourteenth installment of KSS’ Holiday Ornament Countdown to Christmas! One more ornament before Christmas!

Don’t forget to check in with the KSS Design Team and see what they have cooked up.

Lynn  Jeanne

Christmas Ornament Series for the Tree

14 Weeks ‘Til Christmas – Holiday Ornament Countdown with Kitchen Sink Stamps!

Today, I am starting a new Christmas series. Every Friday until Christmas, I will have a new Holiday Ornament for your tree. The base medium for each ornament will be the same wooden disks as used in my posts, Make & Take at “Junkie Fest 2018” and Holiday Fishes for the Tree. Wooden disks make a great ornament “canvas”  for stamping on directly and for adhering stamped cut-outs. I LOVE stamping with them!

To start this series off … I have 2 ornaments for you!


Stamps to make this ornament: NEW – Figure Skates Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Holly & Mistletoe Multi-Step Clear Stamps, and Winter Cardinal Multi-Step Clear Stamps (pine branch) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

For this ornament, I first stamped the ice skates and holly with berries on, Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah, after cutting them with the coordinating KSS SVG cut files. The separate pieces make it easy to loosely position the skates and holly on the wood disk to determine where the pine branch would look best.

  1. Stamp the pine branch (using Palette ink) directly onto the wood disk. Coat pine cones with a Wink of Stella Clear Pen (from Zig).
  2. Adhere the ice skates with pop dots. Coat the ice skate blades with a Wink of Stella Clear Pen.
  3. Adhere holly berries area directly to the skates and holly leaves to the wood disk with pop dots. Coat the holly berries & leaves with a Wink of Stella Clear Pen.

Color Recipes for these stamp sets:

Figure Skates

Holly & Mistletoe

Winter Cardinal (pine branch)

  • Pine Branch on wood disk (Palette Inks)
    • Step # 4c – Burnt Umber
    • Step # 2c – Jardin Moss
    • Step # 1c – Landscape
    • Step # 3c – Burnt Sienna


Stamps to make this ornament: Snowy Cabin Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Snowy Pine Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsPine Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsSnowmen Multi-Step Clear Stamps, and Cabin by the Lake Multi-Step Clear Stamps (chimney smoke) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

I used the same “game plan” for this ornament as the figure skates ornament above. Using Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah and the coordinating KSS SVG cut files, 

  • Cut out:
    • a small snowman with his top hat on 
    • small pine tree
    • a snowy cabin
    • snow mounds
    • a puff of smoke (or cloud) from Cabin by the Lake.
  • Stamp all cutouts following color recipes from the links below. 
  • Loosely position the cabin and small pine tree on the wood disk to determine where the snowy pine trees will look best behind the cabin.
  • Stamp the “background” snowy pines (Palette ink) directly on the wood disk. Add glitter in the “snow” areas with a Wink of Stella Clear Pen (from Zig).

Next assembling cutout & stamped layers:

  1. Add the snowy cabin with pop dots and covered the roof with a Wink of Stella Clear Pen. [NOTE: I squeezed a bit too hard when using the Wink of Stella pen over the snowy roof and the glitter is thicker than in other places where used on this ornament, therefore making the roof look gray in the photo. :(]
  2. Small Pine Tree: Using pop dots where the small pine overlapped the snowy cabin and double stacked pop dots where the pine tree (left of the cabin) will attach to the pine disk. Add Wink of Stella Clear Pen to tops of branches.
  3. Adhere left side of snow mound directly to the right of the pine tree and a pop dot (right side past pine tree) where snow mound is over the cabin. Coat snow mound with Wink of Stella Clear Pen.
  4. Add the snowman at the bottom directly to snow mound and with a pop dot at the snowman’s middle and head to the cabin behind. Coat snow only of the snowman with Wink of Stella Clear Pen
  5. Lastly, slide the smoke cloud behind the cabin and trim off the bottom if necessary. Add pop dots and side smoke under the chimney.

Color Recipes for these stamp sets:

Snowy Cabin

Snowy Pine Trees

  • Snowy Pines (small) on wood disk (Palette Inks)
    • Step # 3 – Jardin Moss
    • Step # 2 – Landscape
    • did not use Step #1

Pine Trees


Cabin by the Lake


Thanks for stopping by for the first installment of KSS’ Holiday Ornament Countdown to Christmas!

Don’t forget to check in with the KSS Design Team and see what they have cooked up.

Lynn • Jeanne