A Truck Load for all Seasons (quick step by step)

A Truck Load Scene Card Step-by-Step

I had a number of people on other card making sites ask how did I make the Truck Load Fall card … so I stamped a second Spring card and took step-by-step photos of the layers which I hope will help break it down.

Springtime Truck with tulips and Birch trees

Stamps to make this card: Birch Trees Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Classic Old Truck Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsRolling Hills Multi-Step Clear Stampsand Bitty Tulips Bouquet Multi-Step Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.


Step-by-Step Truck Load of Spring Card using Kitchen Sink Stamps and the MISTI 

Start with a piece of white cardstock 4.25″ x 5.5″ [NOTE: Check YouTube for additional information using the MISTI) and first stamp with Birch Trees Multi-Step Stamps.


Stamp Birch tree trunks first in the upper left corner.

  • Photo A:  Stamp Step #2 in Rich Cocoa (Memento).
  • Photo B:  Align Step #1 by matching up top, bottom, branches and split in the tree trunk on the right. Close MISTI to “pick up” stamp.
  • Photo C:  Stamp Step #1 in Desert Sand (Memento).


Add a 1″ to 1.5″ strip of cardstock to the left side of the stamped tree. This gives a defined edge to push your “working” 4.25″ x 5.5″ piece of cardstock up against for aligning future stamps while stamping beyond (see birch leaves fall off 4.25″ x 5.5″ card stock.

Place cardstock strip and working cardstock in the lower left corner of MISTI.


Stamp Birch tree leaves

  • Photo A:  Stamp Step #3 in Northern Pine (Memento).
  • Photo B: Stamp Step #2 in Cottage Ivy (Memento).
  • Photo C:  Stamp Step #1 in Pear Tart (Memento).

NEXT:  Move working cardstock and strip to the upper left corner of the MISTI to stamp Rolling Hills Multi-Step Stamps for the grassy knoll.

grass-stamping.jpgNo masking, stamp grass right over the bottom of birch trees.

  • Photo A:  Stamp Step #2 in Cottage Ivy (Memento).
  • Photo B: Stamp Step #3 in Olive Grove (Memento), stamp 2x’s.
  • Photo C:  Stamp Step #1 in Pear Tart (Memento) and stamp Step #4 in Northern Pine.

NEXT:  Move working cardstock and strip to the upper right corner of the MISTI with the strip on the far right to stamp Trees Multi-Step Stamps for the purple flowering tree.

purple-treeNo masking, stamp tree just under birch leaves.

  • Photo A:  Stamp Step #3 in Sweet Plum (Memento).
  • Photo B: 
  • Stamp Step #2 in Lulu Lavender (Memento), stamp 3x’s.
  • Stamp Step #1 in Lulu Lavender.
    • Tree Trunk:
  • Stamp Step #2 in Toffee Crunch (Memento).
  • Stamp Step #3 in Rich Cocoa (Memento).
  • Stamp Step #3 in Desert Sand (Memento).

NEXT:  Sponge/blending brush background with soft clouds using masks.Mask-for-clouds

  • Photo A:  Cut a mask to cover the birch tree trunks only. (the mask used in photo A&B were used before were I was stamping pine trees).
  • Photo B:  Using a scrap of cardstock cut with Puffy Cloud Borders metal die (from Lawn Fawn), and a blending brush or sponge. Start at the top and work down adding clouds in the open spaces of the birch leaves, sponge Danube Blue along the “puffy cloud” cut card stock.
  • Photo C:  After finishing soft clouds, remove mask over birch tree trunks.

NEXT:  Placed stamped landscape to the side for later.

With another piece of white cardstock 4.25″ x 5.5″, place in any corner of the MISTI. In the lower half, stamp Classic Old Tuck Multi-Step Stamps.

track-baseBegin by stamping the truck base (wheels) first.

  • Photo A: Stamp Step #3a – Onyx Black (VersaFine)
  • Photo B: Stamp Step #2a – Moonlit Fog (Gina K) 2x’s
  • Photo C: Stamp Step #1a: Moonlit Fog

truck-bodyNext stamp the truck’s body.

  • Photo A: Stamp Step #1b – Powder Blue (Gina K)
  • Photo B: Stamp Step #2b – Powder Blue 3x’s
  • Photo C: Stamp Step #3b – Blue Denim (Gina K)
  • Photo D: Stamp Step #4b – In The Navy (Gina K)

NEXT:  On the top half of the cardstock with the truck (or a scrap of cardstock), place in any corner of the MISTI,  stamp small tulips using Bitty Tulip Bouquet Multi-Step Stamps.


  • Photo A: 
  • Stems & Leaves
    • Stamp Step #4c – Northern Pine (Memento)
    • Stamp Step #3c – Cottage Ivy (Memento)
    • Stamp Step #2c – Bamboo Leaves (Memento)
    • Stamp Step #1c – Pear Tart (Memento)
  • Tulips
    • Stamp Step #1d – Cantaloupe (Memento)
    • Stamp Step #2d – Cantaloupe (Memento) 3x’s
    • Stamp Step #3d – Tangelo (Memento)
    • Stamp Step #4d – Lady Bug (Memento)
    • Stamp Step #5d – Rhubarb Stalk (Memento)
  • Photo B: Cut around the top and the bed of the truck.
  • Photo C: Position tulips behind the truck in the back bed area and mark what can be trimmed off from the stamped tulips.
  • Photo D: Cut off the portion of the tulips that will be used with the truck bed.


  • Photo A: Cut out the remaining portion of the truck and the cut the tulips. [NOTE: Coordinating SVG stamp outline cut files makes this part easier].
  • Photo B: Position tulips behind the truck bed and tape or glue to the back.

NEXT:  To add additional shadows under the truck.


  • Photo A: Cut a mask out of the bottom portion of the truck and place it where the finished stamped truck will be placed.
  • Photo B: With a blending brush or sponge and a darker green ink, add a shadow under the truck. Start at front tires and blend ink along the mask edge by following the direction of the arrows indicated in the photo.  
  • Photo C: Remove mask. Shadows will show where the inked truck will be placed.

Finally:  Add pop dots to the back of the finished truck with tulips. Place on finished stamped landscape above the added tire shadows.


Bitty Tulips Bouquet


Please check out what the KS Crew has cooked up for you using KSS stamps… and have an inky day!

Lynn  Jeanne


(Supplies for the finished card)

Stamps to make this card: Birch Trees Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Classic Old Truck Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsRolling Hills Multi-Step Clear Stampsand Bitty Tulips Bouquet Multi-Step Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah. Aquamarine & Onyx from Stardream.

Inks(listed above)

Embellishmentspop dots.


Luggage Tags that will make your bags stand out!

A little vacation from sneak peeks with a stamping Luggage Tags tutorial!

Minnesota Loon chip board luggage tag make and take for JunkieFest 2018

While I was working out the Minnesota Loon Luggage Tag Make & Take for JunkieFest 2018, I also stamped these fun Hawaiian themed luggage tags! Hawaiian Luggage Tags Pineapple, Hula Girl, Palm Trees

Stamps used to create luggage tags: Aloha! Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Palm Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsLighthouse Multi-Step Clear Stamps (seagulls), and for the address lines on the back of tag – Playful Frames & Journaling (retired) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Hawaiian Luggage Tags Pineapple, & Hula Girl Here is a quick tutorial to make and stamp your own coaster luggage tags.

Materials and Tools:

  • 4″ square chipboard coasters
  • Punch Tool from Making Memories (and hammer)
  • Xacto Knife and metal edge ruler
  • self-healing cutting mat
  • electrical tape or washi tape

Coaster Chipboard Luggage Tag materials and tools

Step 1: With a self-healing mat, metal edge ruler, and Xacto knife cut a 4″ square chipboard coaster in half.

Cut 4" square Coaster Chipboard in half

Step 2: Cut a round corner on each “square corner” on the side of the coaster that was cut down the middle.

  • A: Stack both coaster halves (now 2 tags) together with the rounded corner tag on the top of the “square corner” tag.
  • B: Align the top tag to match up on both sides of the bottom tag (see photo B below). The area that is indicated as orange in photo B, will be the area that is cut off.
  • C: With a xacto knife and using the top tag round corner as a guide, carefully trim away the excess “square corner” from the bottom tag. NOTE: Be careful not to cut into the top tag while cutting the bottom tag.

Cutting round corner of Coaster Chipboard Half

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 on the other “square corner” of bottom tag, so all 4 corners of the tag are now round.Finished cut coaster chipboard tag

Before punching the slot at one end of the tag …  IF you are using this tool and planning on punching more than 1 or 2 tags (still be careful), it is a good idea to tape the tool’s cutting tip to the striking handle. The tip can easily slide away from the striking handle cause an open space that will then close when hitting down on the striking end of the handle with a hammer and it is possible for the skin on your hand/fingers to get pinched. (While my son was helped me punch 150 tags, this happened to him causing a blood blister on the palm of his hand :(.) We used electrical tape to secure the cutting tip to the handle, but I believe washi tape would work too.tip: tape punch tip to striking handle Placing the tag on a self-healing mat that is on a hard/no flex surface (counter, cement floor, etc.) position slot cutting tool at one end of the tag and hit the striking end with a hammer. This should take about 2 to 3 hits with the hammer. You will see on the other side when the tool has cut through. If you find that you are having to strike with the hammer more than 3 times, the surface under the self-healing matt isn’t hard or sturdy enough.

Finished cut and slot punched coaster chipboard tag

Now all you have left to do is stamp away on the tag front.

Hawaiian Luggage Tags Aloha Palm Trees

After stamping the front of the tag, I stamped “address lines” using the journaling lines stamp from Playful Frames & Journaling (retired).

As for the luggage tag strap, I used approx. 7″ in length of 1.25″ wide grosgrain ribbon and lightly burned the cut ends with a lighter to prevent the ends from unraveling. To fasten the ribbon ends together, I used plastic snaps (found on Amazon). I am sure there are many other options for attaching your luggage tag, but I wanted something lightweight and that wouldn’t have a backside edge that could scratch the handles of my suitcase (and with 150 to make, I wanted fast and easy;)) so I chose to use a plastic snap (the kind they use on infant clothes). Note: if using snaps, the second end of the ribbon needs to go through the tag before adding the last snap.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and give stamping your own luggage tags a try.

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(Pineapple, Hula Girl, and Palm Tree Luggage Tags)


Stamps used to create luggage tags: Aloha! Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Palm Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsLighthouse Multi-Step Clear Stamps (seagulls), and for the address lines on the back of tag – Playful Frames & Journaling (retired) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: 4″ square chipboard coasters

Inks(all Memento Inks unless noted) 

Embellishments & Tools1-1/4″ wide grosgrain ribbon, plastic snaps, and Punch Tool from Making Memories.

Daisy in perfect alignment


I recently had a request for some suggestions for lining up the set, 3 Step Daisy. I thought some visuals would be helpful.

First, here is a card I did a while ago. As you can see the smaller daisy is certainly not lined up.


I was playing around and did this on purpose for a couple of reasons. 1)  I was trying to create a thin petal and fuller looking daisy and 2) to show that this set is one of the few multi-step sets form KSS that is pretty forgiving when it comes to lining up each step. Now, with that said, on to the visuals that will put your daisies in perfect alignment.

To begin, my suggestion is to start by stamping the center of the daisy (no number) in the darkest color you planning on using. This daisy center was stamped using Espresso Truffle (Memento).


 Yes, I am asking you to stamp in the opposite order and not follow the standard order of Steps 1, 2, 3 (you will have to trust me). The ink rule still applies. Smallest step number = lightest color ink. Largest step number = darkest color ink. Next, lining up Step #3.

When lining up the next stamp (Step #3), look for “peaks” and valleys” to help identify “target points” for positioning the stamp over of the previous image.


This example shows Step #3, image side down, over the previously stamped image. By stamping in reverse order, it is easier to see that step #3 creates an outline of space following the peaks and valleys around the top half of the daisy center. Because the spacing is evenly spaced around the peaks and valleys, this entire spot is used for lining up Step #3. Try and check at least 3 different spots to ensure the proper alignment. SIDE NOTE: This is what I really love about multi-step stamping with the MISTI, at this point, after I have positioned the next stamp (as seen above) exactly where it belongs, I just close the MISTI lid on top of the stamp. When I open the lid again, the stamp is now stuck to the lid in the perfect spot for stamping!

Step-3Step #3 was stamped using Potter’s Clay (Memento).


Next Step #2. This sample shows the following spots as target points for alignment: a set of dimples at the top of the “flat petal” (top of example), a long and narrow peak to the right of the “flat petal”, and a valley on the opposite side of the daisy (at the bottom of example).

Step-2Step #2 was stamped using Morocco (Memento).


The last stamp is Step #1. In addition to positioning the stamp as the arrows indicate the target points, look for a slight “space” outline at the top of the “flat petal” and around the solid petals at the bottom. This space should remain the same thickness at the top and at the bottom of the daisy.

Step-1Step #1 was stamped using Tangelo (Memento).

This is the end result when finished. I think stamping in reverse order really helps to SEE where each stamp fits by surrounding the previous step.

Let me know what you think. Which order do you prefer to multi-step stamp … standard order or reverse order? Please let me know if this tutorial helped you with lining up your 3-Step Daisy stamps.

A PDF of this tutorial can be found HERE.

Card above – Stamps:  3 Step Daisy from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
Paper: Classic Crest Classic Cream from Neenah. Always Artichoke and Crushed Curry from SU!.
Inks: (all Memento Inks unless noted)
Large Daisy: Step #1 – Dandelion, Step #2 – Tangelo, Step #3 – Rhubarb Stalk, Center: Tuxedo Black. 
Leaves: Step #2 – Cottage Ivy, Step #1 – Bamboo Leaves.
Small Daisy: Step #2 – Rhubarb Stalk, Step #2 (again and shifted) – Tangelo, Step #1 – Dandelion, Center: Tuxedo Black.
Ladybug: Step #2 – Tuxedo Black, Step #1 – Rhubarb Stalk.
Sentiment: Northern Pine.
Embellishments: True Thyme Ribbon from SU!.

Spring Tulips


Happy Spring!

This basket full of Spring Tulips would have taken forever if I had tried to mask all the flowers and leaves.

Instead, I stamped the leaves and stems one over the other (no masking). Then stamped cut out tulip flowers and extra leaves and arranged them on top of the stamped layer of leaves and stems. This made it much easier to “arrange” my bouquet. Adding pop dots to some of the flowers and leaves also added lots of dimension to the card. Below are some photos of how I created this card.

Basket-of-Tulips by Kitchen Sink Stamps

I started this card by stamping Step #1 of the basket. This gave me a base/area to build my tulip bouquet.step-1 With masking tape, I taped off the sides and bottom of the basket. step-2

Stamped overlapping stems and leaves. step-3

Removed the masking tape and filled in empty spaces with more leaves that had been cut out. Once I got all the loose leaves in place, I taped them all down below the top of the basket. Then stamped the brush stroke “shadow” at the bottom of the basket.

Finally, I added a fully stamped cutout of the basket on top of all the tulips, leaves and stems for a finished bouquet.step-5NOTE: I realized after I finished the card, I should have cut away the “back side” of the basket so the tulips would look more like they are in the basket instead of behind the basket…oh well! LOL!Basket-of-Tulips-CLSUPThanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!


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 Lisa • Lynn


Stamps: Multi Step Tulip Garden, Multi Step Basket, Multi Step Carnations (butterfly), Multi Step Brush Strokes and Simple Sentiments from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: Classic Crest Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah. Lavender Lace and Elegant Eggplant (banner: Riding Hood Red, Kiwi Kiss, and Very Vanilla) from SU!

Inks: (all Memento Inks unless noted)Basket: Step #3 – Rich Cocoa, Step #2 – Toffee, Step #1 – Desert Sand. Pink Tulips: Step #4 – Grape Jelly, Step#3 – Lilac Posies, Step #2 – Rose Bud, Step #1 – Rose Bud so 1x. Red Tulips: Step #4 – Grape Jelly, Step#3 – Rhubarb Stalk, Step #2 – Love Letter, Step #1 – Lady Bug. Purple Tulips: Step #4 – Elderberry, Step#3 – Grape Jelly, Step #2 – Sweet Plum, Step #1 – Lulu Lavender. Tulip Leaves & Stem: (variation #1) Step #3 – Northern Pine, Step #2 – Olive Grove, Step #1 – Pistachio. (variation #2) Step #3 – Cottage Ivy, Step #2 – Bamboo Leaves, Step #1 – New Sprout 2x’s. ButterflyStep #3 – Tuxedo Black, Step #2 – Rich Cocoa, Step #1 – TangeloThe shadow under Basket: Step #4 – Tuxedo Black, Step#3 -Tuxedo Black, so 1x, repeat, Step #2 – Gray Flannel, Step #1 – Gray Flannel, so 1x. Sentiment: Grape Jelly and Lilac Posies.

Embellishments: Rock Candy Stickles (on gold),  pop dots.

Finding a Lucky Rainbow


Patience paid off with this card!

This was one of those “card ideas” that came to a screeching halt shortly after I started, then sat untouched over the past couple of months … ever have one of those projects? 


Green-Hills-Pot-O-Gold by Kitchen Sink Stamps

With St. Patrick’s Day in mind and using the set Multi Step Rolling Hills, I was determined to turn green hills into something a bit more “magical” to surround a pot of gold (from Multi Step St. Patrick’s Day 4 Ducky & Teddy)… but I had no rainbow.  😦

After I stamped my “Irish Spring Hills”, I was stuck… so I pushed it off to the side and there it sat … and sat!

Then a few days ago, a “lucky” thought hit me! I could use Step #1 from Multi Step Lucky Horseshoe and bend it open just a bit (didn’t want to tear it) and maybe it would look like a rainbow!


First-Layer-rainbow It worked! Above shows the following colors: Lady Bug (red), Dandelion (yellow), Bamboo Leaves (green), Danube Blue and Grape Jelly (purple). Great start, but I wanted the full-color spectrum of a rainbow (who doesn’t?)

Stamping again the in-between colors (magenta, orange, yellow-green, green blue, violet blue) while overlapping the previous colors, would do the trick.


Second-Layer-rainbowAbove shows Tangelo overlapping Lady Bug & Dandelion.

After I had my rainbow, the rest of the card came together really quick! I guess it is true … “Good things come to those who wait”!  Just glad the idea finally came before St. Patrick’s Day did! 😉

Here is a close-up that shows the embossing powder on the hills and I added Rock Candy Stickles to the rainbow and gold.

Have a Magical Day!


Check in with the KS Crew and see what inspiration they have cooked up for you.

 Lisa  Lynn 


Stamps: Multi Step Lucky Horseshoe (to create rainbow), Multi Step Shamrocks & Clover, Multi Step St. Patrick’s Day 4 Ducky & Teddy, Multi Step Cabin by the Lake (clouds) and Multi Step Rolling Hills from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: Classic Crest Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah. Soft Sky, Kiwi Kiss and Certainly Celery from SU!

Inks: (all Memento Inks unless noted and all images are stamped on white cardstock unless noted)Rainbow: Lilac Posies, Lady Bug, Tangelo, Dandelion, Pear Tart, Bamboo Leaves, Bahama Blue, Danube Blue, Paris Dusk and Grape Jelly. Hills: Step #4 – Northern Pine, Step #2 – Bamboo Leaves, Step #1 – Pistachio + Pear Tart, Step #3 – VersaMark + EP Irish Spring from Sparkle N Sprinkle. Clouds: (stamped on Soft Sky card stock) Step #1 – Frost White (ColorBox), Step #2 – Frost White 2x’s, Step #3 – Frost White 3x’s. Shamrocks BKGD: (stamped on Certainly Celery card stock) Step #3 – Cottage Ivy, Step #2 – Bamboo Leaves, Step #1 – Pear Tart. Cut out Shamrocks: (Large) Step #3 – Cottage Ivy, Step #2 – Bamboo Leaves, Step #1 – New Sprout. (Medium size-but use the smallest shamrock for steps #3 & #2) Step #3 – Cottage Ivy, Step #2 – Bamboo Leaves, Step #1 – Pear Tart. (Small) Step #3 – Cottage Ivy, Step #2 – Bamboo Leaves, Step #1 – Pear Tart. Pot of Gold: (POT) Step #3 – Tuxedo Black 2x’s, Step #2 – Tuxedo Black, Step #1 – Tuxedo Black, so 1x. (GOLD) Step #3 – Peanut Brittle, Step #2 – Cantaloupe 2x’s, Step #1 – Dandelion. Tiny Shamrocks: (around the pot of gold) Cottage IvySentiment: Cottage Ivy.

Embellishments: Rock Candy Stickles, light and dark green adhesive rhinestones from Michael’s and pop dots. Scalloped paper edgers from Fiskars (the end of the rainbow).