Luggage Tags that will make your bags stand out!

A little vacation from sneak peeks with a stamping Luggage Tags tutorial!

Minnesota Loon chip board luggage tag make and take for JunkieFest 2018

While I was working out the Minnesota Loon Luggage Tag Make & Take for JunkieFest 2018, I also stamped these fun Hawaiian themed luggage tags! Hawaiian Luggage Tags Pineapple, Hula Girl, Palm Trees

Stamps used to create luggage tags: Aloha! Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Palm Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsLighthouse Multi-Step Clear Stamps (seagulls), and for the address lines on the back of tag – Playful Frames & Journaling (retired) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Hawaiian Luggage Tags Pineapple, & Hula Girl Here is a quick tutorial to make and stamp your own coaster luggage tags.

Materials and Tools:

  • 4″ square chipboard coasters
  • Punch Tool from Making Memories (and hammer)
  • Xacto Knife and metal edge ruler
  • self-healing cutting mat
  • electrical tape or washi tape

Coaster Chipboard Luggage Tag materials and tools

Step 1: With a self-healing mat, metal edge ruler, and Xacto knife cut a 4″ square chipboard coaster in half.

Cut 4" square Coaster Chipboard in half

Step 2: Cut a round corner on each “square corner” on the side of the coaster that was cut down the middle.

  • A: Stack both coaster halves (now 2 tags) together with the rounded corner tag on the top of the “square corner” tag.
  • B: Align the top tag to match up on both sides of the bottom tag (see photo B below). The area that is indicated as orange in photo B, will be the area that is cut off.
  • C: With a xacto knife and using the top tag round corner as a guide, carefully trim away the excess “square corner” from the bottom tag. NOTE: Be careful not to cut into the top tag while cutting the bottom tag.

Cutting round corner of Coaster Chipboard Half

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 on the other “square corner” of bottom tag, so all 4 corners of the tag are now round.Finished cut coaster chipboard tag

Before punching the slot at one end of the tag …  IF you are using this tool and planning on punching more than 1 or 2 tags (still be careful), it is a good idea to tape the tool’s cutting tip to the striking handle. The tip can easily slide away from the striking handle cause an open space that will then close when hitting down on the striking end of the handle with a hammer and it is possible for the skin on your hand/fingers to get pinched. (While my son was helped me punch 150 tags, this happened to him causing a blood blister on the palm of his hand :(.) We used electrical tape to secure the cutting tip to the handle, but I believe washi tape would work too.tip: tape punch tip to striking handle Placing the tag on a self-healing mat that is on a hard/no flex surface (counter, cement floor, etc.) position slot cutting tool at one end of the tag and hit the striking end with a hammer. This should take about 2 to 3 hits with the hammer. You will see on the other side when the tool has cut through. If you find that you are having to strike with the hammer more than 3 times, the surface under the self-healing matt isn’t hard or sturdy enough.

Finished cut and slot punched coaster chipboard tag

Now all you have left to do is stamp away on the tag front.

Hawaiian Luggage Tags Aloha Palm Trees

After stamping the front of the tag, I stamped “address lines” using the journaling lines stamp from Playful Frames & Journaling (retired).

As for the luggage tag strap, I used approx. 7″ in length of 1.25″ wide grosgrain ribbon and lightly burned the cut ends with a lighter to prevent the ends from unraveling. To fasten the ribbon ends together, I used plastic snaps (found on Amazon). I am sure there are many other options for attaching your luggage tag, but I wanted something lightweight and that wouldn’t have a backside edge that could scratch the handles of my suitcase (and with 150 to make, I wanted fast and easy;)) so I chose to use a plastic snap (the kind they use on infant clothes). Note: if using snaps, the second end of the ribbon needs to go through the tag before adding the last snap.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and give stamping your own luggage tags a try.

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Lynn – Confessions of a Left-Brained Stamper

Jeanne – Nana Loves Stamping


(Pineapple, Hula Girl, and Palm Tree Luggage Tags)


Stamps used to create luggage tags: Aloha! Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Palm Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsLighthouse Multi-Step Clear Stamps (seagulls), and for the address lines on the back of tag – Playful Frames & Journaling (retired) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: 4″ square chipboard coasters

Inks(all Memento Inks unless noted) 

Embellishments & Tools1-1/4″ wide grosgrain ribbon, plastic snaps, and Punch Tool from Making Memories.


KSS Make and Take Fun at Stamp Junkie Fest

I left my heart in … Minnesota

and at Stamp Junkie Fest 2018!

MN-thinking-of-You-CardThe last week of July, I headed out to attend “Stamp” Junkie Fest 2018, for their annual get together. Stamp Junkies is a Facebook group that started in the spring of 2015 and formed the common LOVE of stamping with the MISTI. In 3 short years, the group has grown to just under 30k members! As more and more members ask (in my case… I pleaded!) Chris Dalton, the organizer of the event, if they too can join the annual “get-together” … the Stamp Junkie gathering could no longer be held at someone’s home or a local craft store… so this year 122 Stamp Junkies (plus teachers, Stamp Junkie admins & business owners) took over the Embassy Suites in Minneapolis, MN for 3 inky fun-filled days!

Stamps used to create card: Cabin by the Lake Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Pine Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsLighthouse Multi-Step Clear Stamps (rocks)Ocean Waters Lake Multi-Step Clear Stamps (sneak-peak), and the special limited edition stamps for Stamp Junkie Fest 2018 – Minnesota Loon Multi-Step Clear Stamps and Tiny Norway Pine Multi-Step Clear Stamps.

When I saw a post for Junkie Fest 2018 in its planning stage, I did something that is quite out of character … I asked Chris Dayton if I could invite myself!  Are you asking why? Well, besides sounding like it would be a LOT of fun … I thought this would be a fabulous chance to design a special Make & Take for an awesome crowd of stampers. Plus, as I have written in the past posts, I spent my childhood summers on Lake Vermillion in northern MN, so when I find a chance to go back and see family … I jump at it … and this time dragging my KSS traveling and stamping workshop buddy, Traci, along too! I was so excited when Chris said there was room for me to do 2 M&Ts! So I got busy!Junkie-Fest-M&T-samples These are the 2 finished Make & Takes I created just for JunkieFest 2018. A Minnesota Loon coaster chipboard luggage tag and a Norway Pine Christmas wood disk ornament. Below are the Limited Edition stamp sets that each make & taker received to take home when they finished.


There is a little story behind the Christmas ornament M&T that I would like to share. While I was thinking about what sort of M&T I would create for this special event, this spring, my husband cut down a small pine tree that had to come down. It was growing under a huge oak tree in our front yard… the pine never had a chance. It was while I was searching to purchase more 4″x4″ coasters (to cut in half to create the luggage tags) I ran across some images of wood disk drink coasters … (lightbulb moment!).

I didn’t want to buy 125-150 wooden coasters for a Christmas ornament M&T … especially since I had been staring at a stack of small pine logs stacked on the edge of our driveway for the past month! My M&T idea quickly became a family project. My husband cut 150 + 2.5″ to 3″ dia. wood disks at 1/4″ to 3/8″ thick (perfect thickness to stamp on when using the Misti after removing the insert foam pad). Our oldest son sanded both sides (they had to be smooth to stamp on) and drilled all the holes at the top! Our youngest son lucked out this time! LOLNorway-Pine-JunkieFest

I decided to use the Misti and conduct our M&T as an “assembly line”. This strategy would allow me to align each stamp step ahead of time on a separate Misti. Those partaking in our M&T wouldn’t have to worry about aligning any stamps… just ink up, stamp and then move to the next Misti. One problem. How to stamp on a circular object using the Misti??? Answer: attach the disk to a square piece of cardstock. I have to admit (humble toot), it worked like a dream! wood-disc-set-up

JunkieFest 2018 was a huge success, meeting lovely ladies (members, admins, and company owners) and tons of creativity swirling around … I am not even going into the amazing swag bag or door prizes for the those attending (it was beyond words)!

Here are some of the beautiful and thought cards I received while at JunkieFest!

Thank you cards from Junkie Fest 2018

Thank you cards from Junkie Fest 2018

I hope you will consider clearing your calendar for next year and join Stamp Junkies in Minn. next year for JunkieFest 2019… I can hardly wait!


Oh… and if you were wondering about the water in this card … it is the first sneak peek to KSS next stamp release, available early next week! Will have 3 more sneak peeks for you later this week.

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Lynn – Confessions of a Left-Brained Stamper

Jeanne – Nana Loves Stamping


(MN Cabin at the Lake Card)

StampsCabin by the Lake Multi-Step Clear Stamps, Pine Trees Multi-Step Clear StampsLighthouse Multi-Step Clear Stamps (rocks)Ocean Waters Lake Multi-Step Clear Stamps (sneak-peak), and the limited edition stamps for Stamp Junkie Fest 2018 – Minnesota Loon Multi-Step Clear Stamps and Tiny Norway Pine Multi-Step Clear Stamps.

Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah, and Blue Bayou from SU!

Inks(all Memento Inks unless noted) 

  • Cabin: Step #4 – Espresso Truffle, Step #3 – Rich Cocoa, Step # 2 – cabin area – Potter’s Clay, roof area – Toffee Crunch, and chimney area – Gray Flannel, Step #1 – (roof & chimney area only) – London Fog.

  • Pine Trees: for variations, see Pine Trees Color Recipe.

  • Tall Norway Pines: Step #2 – Rich Cocoa 2x’s, Step #2 – Olive Grove, Step #1 – Pistachio.

  • Loon: Step #3 – Onyx Black (VersaFine), Step #2 Spruce (Catherine Pooler), Step #1 – London Fog.

  • Rock: Step # 3 – Espresso Truffle, Step # 2 – Gray Flannel, Step #1 London Fog, Step #4 – Espresso Truffle.

  • Water: Step #2 – Paris Dusk, Step #1 – Danube Blue and then sponge Summer Sky in the water foreground.

  • Flying birds: Toffee Crunch

  • Island in distance: (mask off using one side of Tiny Norway Pine) Step #2 – Olive Grove, Step #1 – Pistachio.

  • Sky: sponged with Summer Sky and a scrap of cardstock cut with Puffy Cloud Borders metal die from Lawn Fawn

  • Sentiment: Paris Dusk.

Embellishments: pop dots, Christmas Red Stickles (Loon’s eye), Wink of Stella clear from Zig (water highlights).


MN-Loon-M&T(MN Loon Luggage Tag) 

StampsStamp-Junkie Fest 2018 – Minnesota Loon Multi-Step Clear Stamps

Paper: 4″x4″ chipboard coaster, cut in half and slot punched at one end (with Ribbon Slot Punch Tool from Making Memories).

Inks: (all Memento Inks)

  • Loon: Step #3 – Onyx Black (VersaFine), Step #2 Spruce (Catherine Pooler), Step #1 – London Fog.

  • Sentiment: Spruce (Catherine Pooler)

  • Address Lines on back: London Fog 2x’s

Embellishments: 1-1/4″ wide grosgrain ribbon & plastic snaps


Norway-Pine-Ornament-M&Tsolo(MN Norway Pine Christmas wood disk ornament) 

StampsStamp-Junkie Fest 2018 – Tiny Norway Pine Multi-Step Clear Stamps

Paper: 3.5″x3.5″ cardstock for temporarily adhering to wooden disc when stamping with Misiti.

Inks: (all Memento Inks)

  • Tree: Step #3 – Burnt Sienna (Palette), Step #2 – Grass Green (GinaK), #1 – Landscape (Palette)

  • Sentiment: Lipstick (GinaK)

  • Flying birds: Gray Flannel

EmbellishmentsRemovable Dot from Glue Dots, twine for hanging ornament.

4 Different Ways to Stamp Rolling Hills …

One KSS stamp set for Four Seasons.

Green Knoll, Snowy Slopes, Poppy Fields or Ocean Blue … you be the judge?

Lately, my go-to stamp set for creating a scene card has been, Rolling Hills (Multi-Step) Clear Stamps. You may recall seeing a few weeks ago, the St.Patrick’s card with a green grassy knoll? Then there was my post that showed the 2 contrasting uses for Rolling Hills. One as slopes covered in snow and the other as a field of poppies … but this stamp set doesn’t stop there!

Color Recipe for Multi-Step Rolling Hills

Keep Calm and Shamrock On   Peaceful Greeting from Kitchen Sink Stamps   Red-Poppy-hills


The other day I came across a video demo by Joyce from Mod Squad/Paper Finesse who was creating a lovely scene card with KSS – HERE and Gina K. Inks (her 40 colors look absolutely lovely which I am going to have to try!) … and Joyce did something that hit me with total inspiration! While stamping Rolling Hills, she used Step #4 at the bottom of the hill instead of the top of the hill. Instantly it looked like waves to me! I LOVE IT when you turn something upside down and see it as something completely different and that gives you an entirely new perspective… and inspiration!

Now it just so happens that I needed to make a masculine birthday card, so I immediately pulled out Rolling Hills(Multi-Step) Clear Stamps along with Lighthouse (Multi-Step) Clear Stamps, Sail Boats (Multi-Step) Clear Stamps, and Icy Pond (Multi-Step) Clear Stamps… for the small pine trees AND used the snow drifts for a grassy mound in front of the lighthouse… and got inky!

First stamping the lighthouse and seacliffs. I cut a simple mask for the left side of the lighthouse and the roof to the caretaker’s house and stamped the light pine trees. After stamping the light pine trees, I removed the mask and stamped the darker pine trees and grassy mound… right on top – no masking.

Next the water. Another mask for the cliffs. This mask was loosely cut and a bit larger (beyond the tiny specs of rocks) and placed the mask down lightly so the mask edges were free from the paper (ok… does that make sense?). After stamping each step of Rolling Hills for the water, I would pick up the mask and gently reposition it over the cliffs. This process of repositioning the mask loosely over the cliffs created the white “breaker water” between the cliff and water. As usual, I stamped step #4 a the top, but I also stamped Step #4 a few times at the bottom. Overlapping each time with a different color ink – Teal Zeal, Paris Dusk, and Nautical Blue. This created added waves at the bottom of the card.

Finishing UP. After the water was finished, (using the Sail Boats SVG Cut Files) I cut out two sailboats and then stamped them (colors listed below). The larger one is attached with a pop-up glue dot and the smaller was attached flat directly onto the card stock. I added a little shimmer to the boats’ water wake, with a Clear Star Gelly Roll Pen. Sponge the sky with Summer Sky and a cut cardstock using Lawn Fawn Custom Craft Dies – Puffy Cloud Borders dies. Add the Happy Birthday sentiment from Make a Big Statement Clear Stamps, the seagulls… and voilà! A Masculine Birthday Card!

I was thrilled with how the ocean turned out! (Thanks, Joyce!) What do you think?

So, what else can you see Rolling Hills turn into???

I would love to hear your suggestions … even if it is a challenge. 🙂

Please check out the beautiful Lilac Spring card from Lynn McAuley this week.

Thanks for stopping by and have an inky day!


Lighthouse Card

Stamps: Lighthouse (Multi-Step) Clear Stamps, Sail Boats (Multi-Step) Clear Stamps, Rolling Hills (Multi-Step) Clear Stamps, Icy Pond (Multi-Step) Clear Stamps, and Make a Big Statement Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: Classic Crest Solar White 80 Cover 8.5″x11″ 250/pack from Neenah. Soft Sky & Not Quite Navy from SU! 

Inks(Memento unless noted)  

  • Lighthouse: Step #1 – London Fog – so 1x, Step #2 – London Fog – so 1x – repeat, Step #3 – London Fog, Step #4 – Gray Flannel.
  • Rock: Step #3 – Gray Flannel 2x’s, Step #4 – Espresso Truffle, Step #2 Gray Flannel so 1x + Desert Sand, Step #1 – Desert Sand so 1x – repeat.
  • Pine Trees & Grassy Mound (from Icy Pond): [Variation 1 – lighter] Step #3 – Olive Grove, Step #2 – Pistachio, Step #1 – New Sprout. [Variation 2 – darker] Step #3 – Northern Pine, Step #2 – Olive Grove, Step #1 – Pistachio. [Grassy Mound] Stpe #1 – Pistachio, Step #2 – Olive Grove).
  • Sailboats: [Large Boat] Step #3 – Gray Flannel, Step #2 – London Fog on boat and Love Letter on the sail, Step #1 – London Fog on the boat and Lady Bug on sail then so 1x, Step #4 -Gray Flannel 2x’s. [Small Boat] Step #3 – London Fog, Step #2 – Summer Sky, Step #1 – London Fog so 1x.
  • Ocean: Step #3 – Paris Dusk, Step #2 – Teal Zeal, Step #1 Teal Zeal so 1x, Step #4 – Nautical Blue.
  • Seagulls: Step #2 – London Fog, Step #1 London Fog so 1x, Step #3 – Gray Flannel.
  • Sky: Sponge with Summer Sky, using Puffy Cloud Borders (see below for link).
  • Sentiments: Paris Dusk with a drop shadow in Summer Sky.

Embellishments: Lawn Fawn Custom Craft Dies – Puffy Cloud Borders dies, Sakura 37906 2-Piece Pouch Gelly Roll Stardust Pen Set, Clear, & 3L Scrapbook Adhesive Permanent Pre-Cut 3D Foam Squares, Mixed Variety, 217pk, White.

Father’s Day … a beacon of light

I did not fall into a deep abyss…

sure it seemed like it!

What’s that saying … “Life happens while you are busy making plans”….

Yes, it has been too long since I have posted a card … because it has been way too long since I have stamped!  I eventually ran out of cards and was forced to… are you sitting down 

brace yourself …      

I had to give … a store-bought card!    (oh the horror!) 😉

But, NOT this Father’s Day!


Before I get to my card (yes, there is one – oh yeah!) and other exciting KSS news, I want to thank everyone who reached out during this quiet spell. Your checking in and making sure that everything was ok, meant the world to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Now, even though I have been quiet, I have been busy the past couple of months. Doing what?

For starters …  I’ve been busy designing NEW STAMPS!!! Yup, that’s correct! You can look forward to more sneak peeks in the near future! Also, you will find that many more digital die cut files have been added to the KSS store. (I’m almost caught up!)

Other exciting news, KSS is sponsoring a Father’s Day Challenge with the Mod SquadThere you’ll find an awesome Multi-Step Baseball card from Judy, to get you inspired by the challenge!  And this just the beginning … You can expect to see KSS as a Mod Squad sponsor once a month (if this doesn’t get me back to stamping… I don’t know what will!) 😉

 Lighthouse with pine trees - stamped with Kitchen Sink Stamps

Determined not to let another holiday go by and having to purchase my cards, I took the Mod Squad’s challenge as the “kick in the pants” I needed to start stamping again. But, first I would have to dig under the accumulated “stuff” that found a home on my craft table (I knew it was there somewhere), dusted off the ink pads and get to work! At first, it sort of felt like learning how to walk again … but before I knew it, I was back to running and got 4 cards done! (oh yeah!)


Remember when layering Holly Hobbie cut outs, gluing one on top each other in a shadow box was the big thing to do? (I just dated myself?) Well, I reverted back to my childhood crafting days to give this Father’s Day card some depth and layered a pine tree over the rock.  The water was created using the ink pad technique. The sea spray, daubing on top of the water with a sponge and Opaque White (paint?) from Copic.

Thanks for looking!


Multi-Step Lighthouse w/digital Die Cut available & Color Recipe

Multi-Step Pine Trees w/digital Die Cut available & Color Recipe



Stamps: Multi Step Lighthouse, Multi Step Winter Cardinals (large pine branches) and Multi Step Pine Trees from Kitchen Sink Stamps. 
Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah. Gold from Stardream. Bashful Blue from SU!
Inks: (all Memento Inks unless noted) Lighthouse: Step #4 – Tuxedo Black, Step #3 – London Fog 2x’s, Step #2 – London Fog, Step #1 – Summer Sky.  Birds: Step #3 – Tuxedo Black, Step #2 – Gray Flannel, Step #1 – Gray Flannel so 2x’s. Rock: Step #4 – Rich Cocoa, Step #3 – Gray Flannel, Step #2 – Toffee Crunch, Step #1 – Desert Sand. Pine Trees: several different color recipes that can found HERESENTIMENT: Toffee Crunch and Paris Dusk.
Embellishments: Atyou Spica pens – Clear (accents on sentiment and lighthouse top). Opaque White from Copic for the whitewater & splashes.

Dreaming of a Tropical Sunset


I hope the long weekend was good for all! I realized two things when preparing today’s post.

  • First: lately, I have been obsessed with land, sea & sky … and trying to master the look with ink & paper.
  • Second: I soooo long to go on a tropical vacation! 😉

On my quest to find inspiration (and some tutorial help) with water and sand,

I found this great tutorial from Michelle Zindorf (find it HERE – Note: go to the bottom of her post), where she shows a technique using an ink pad directly to paper.

But, instead of dragging the ink pad across the paper, I (for the lack of a better word) “buffed or scuffed” the ink pad across the paper. Starting on the outside of the paper, apply the ink pad to the paper. While moving the ink pad towards the center, begin to lift it up off the paper. The same motion as when buffing your nails for a manicure … I hope that makes sense??? I used the flat part of the ink pad for wider areas of color and the edge of the ink pad for streaky lines of color. For the sand, I inked up an acrylic block and stamped directly onto the paper – (find Beate Johns’ “Stamped Acrylic Block Background” tutorial HERE).

I am very happy with how the water, sand and sunset sky turned out on this card … I sure wish I could have just stamped it! 😉

Stamps used: Multi-Step Palm Trees Clear Stamps, Multi-Step Lighthouse Clear Stamps (rock) and Multi-Step Owl & Autumn Moon Clear Stamps (sun) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.Tropical Island Sunset Card

Multi-Step Palm Trees color recipe can be found HERE.  

Here is a quick “how to” (ink colors are listed below). To start, masked off the horizon with some masking tape and stamp the setting sun. Next, cover the sun with clear embossing powder to act as a mask when creating the sky. You can see, I was a bit off with the clear emboss over the sun … but I’ll call it a happy accident because I think it helps define the sun from the sunset. After creating the sunset with the technique mentioned above was the water area. I moved the tape to the other side of the horizon and cover up the sunset area. Added torn paper that had a curve to mask over the beach area (save the other half for the following step). When the water was finished, used the other half of the torn paper to cover the water and created the sand. Next, removed all masking and sponged white pigment ink to create the “foamy” shoreline. I choose to overstamp the palm trees and the distant island (rock) on top of the sunset, for the effect that the sunset was casting its colors onto the palm trees and island.

 … if only I could be there, sipping on a Mai Tai!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you have a wonderful (and inky) week!

Don’t forget to check out what the KS Crew has cooked up for you today!

Connie  Julie  Lisa  Lynn  Tammy


Stamps: Multi-Step Palm Trees Clear Stamps, Multi-Step Lighthouse Clear Stamps (rock) and Multi-Step Owl & Autumn Moon Clear Stamps (sun) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah. Metallic Amethyst from The Paper Co. 

Inks: (all Memento Inks)

  • Palm Trees: color recipe HERE 
  • Sun: Dandelion, Cantaloupe, and Tangelo.
  • Sunset: (application ink pad directly to paper) Dandelion, Cantaloupe, Tangelo, Rose Bud, Lulu Lavender, Lilac Posies, Sweet Plum and Paris Dusk.
  • Water: (application ink pad directly to paper) Summer Sky, Teal Zeal and Danube Blue.
  • Shoreline: Moonlight White from Brilliance.
  • Sand: (application ink pad directly to acrylic block & stamp) Desert Sand and Toffee Crunch.
  • Island (Rock): Step #3 –  Rich Cocoa, Step #2 – Sweet Plum, Step #1 – Toffee Crunch (did not use Step #4).

EmbellishmentsFine detail clear embossing powder & VersaMark ink – used for the sun.