Autumn Day in the Park


Happy KSS Monday!

Today’s card was inspired by our current

Autumn Days …

It was created using one of our new stamp sets,

Multi-Step Tree Friends – the companion set for, Multi-Step Trees.


First I stamped a “color changing” autumn tree and built the rest around it. For the grassy hill (mound), place the long grass stamp (from Tree Friends) in a curve on the acrylic stamping block.


Stamping Northern Pine followed by Toffee Crunch. Overlapping each stamping and the colors until blended together. Add in some extra detail around the base of the tree with the small grass stamp and Northern Pine.


When adding the wall on the right, I used a scrap of torn paper for a mask and placed it along the slope, below the grass line (the soil line). This allows the stone wall to show through the blades of grass. The light green hilly grass in the distance was also done with torn paper (covering the sky area) and sponging with Pistachio. The sky was done with the same technique with Summer Sky. The little squirrel is a single stamp and was stamped twice (first: Potter’s Clay, second: Gray Flannel) and slightly off register to give him some dimension. 


Multi-Step Tree Friends – Die Cut digital download 

Multi-Step Tree Friends – Color Recipe

Multi-Step TreesColor Recipe


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Stamps: Multi Step Trees and Multi Step Tree Friends from Kitchen Sink Stamps. 
Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah. Caramelized Mustard, Toasted Nutmeg and Squid Ink from Flavors Gourmet.
Inks: (all Memento Inks) TREE: Step #3 – Rhubarb Stalk, Step #2 – Morroco, Step #1 – Tangelo. TREE TRUNK: Step #2 Rich Cocoa, Step #3 – Espresso Truffle, Step #1 – Toffee Crunch. STONEWALL: Step #2 – Espresso Truffle, Step #1 – Toffee Crunch. BIRDS: Gray Flannel (birds in the distant – Gray Flannel so1x). BENCH: Rich Cocoa. TIRE SWING: Espresso Truffle. SEE ABOVE for Grass, Sky, and Squirrel.
Embellishments: none.

Dreaming of a Tropical Sunset


I hope the long weekend was good for all! I realized two things when preparing today’s post.

  • First: lately, I have been obsessed with land, sea & sky … and trying to master the look with ink & paper.
  • Second: I soooo long to go on a tropical vacation! 😉

On my quest to find inspiration (and some tutorial help) with water and sand,

I found this great tutorial from Michelle Zindorf (find it HERE – Note: go to the bottom of her post), where she shows a technique using an ink pad directly to paper.

But, instead of dragging the ink pad across the paper, I (for the lack of a better word) “buffed or scuffed” the ink pad across the paper. Starting on the outside of the paper, apply the ink pad to the paper. While moving the ink pad towards the center, begin to lift it up off the paper. The same motion as when buffing your nails for a manicure … I hope that makes sense??? I used the flat part of the ink pad for wider areas of color and the edge of the ink pad for streaky lines of color. For the sand, I inked up an acrylic block and stamped directly onto the paper – (find Beate Johns’ “Stamped Acrylic Block Background” tutorial HERE).

I am very happy with how the water, sand and sunset sky turned out on this card … I sure wish I could have just stamped it! 😉

Stamps used: Multi-Step Palm Trees Clear Stamps, Multi-Step Lighthouse Clear Stamps (rock) and Multi-Step Owl & Autumn Moon Clear Stamps (sun) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.Tropical Island Sunset Card

Multi-Step Palm Trees color recipe can be found HERE.  

Here is a quick “how to” (ink colors are listed below). To start, masked off the horizon with some masking tape and stamp the setting sun. Next, cover the sun with clear embossing powder to act as a mask when creating the sky. You can see, I was a bit off with the clear emboss over the sun … but I’ll call it a happy accident because I think it helps define the sun from the sunset. After creating the sunset with the technique mentioned above was the water area. I moved the tape to the other side of the horizon and cover up the sunset area. Added torn paper that had a curve to mask over the beach area (save the other half for the following step). When the water was finished, used the other half of the torn paper to cover the water and created the sand. Next, removed all masking and sponged white pigment ink to create the “foamy” shoreline. I choose to overstamp the palm trees and the distant island (rock) on top of the sunset, for the effect that the sunset was casting its colors onto the palm trees and island.

 … if only I could be there, sipping on a Mai Tai!

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Stamps: Multi-Step Palm Trees Clear Stamps, Multi-Step Lighthouse Clear Stamps (rock) and Multi-Step Owl & Autumn Moon Clear Stamps (sun) from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah. Metallic Amethyst from The Paper Co. 

Inks: (all Memento Inks)

  • Palm Trees: color recipe HERE 
  • Sun: Dandelion, Cantaloupe, and Tangelo.
  • Sunset: (application ink pad directly to paper) Dandelion, Cantaloupe, Tangelo, Rose Bud, Lulu Lavender, Lilac Posies, Sweet Plum and Paris Dusk.
  • Water: (application ink pad directly to paper) Summer Sky, Teal Zeal and Danube Blue.
  • Shoreline: Moonlight White from Brilliance.
  • Sand: (application ink pad directly to acrylic block & stamp) Desert Sand and Toffee Crunch.
  • Island (Rock): Step #3 –  Rich Cocoa, Step #2 – Sweet Plum, Step #1 – Toffee Crunch (did not use Step #4).

EmbellishmentsFine detail clear embossing powder & VersaMark ink – used for the sun.

Aim for the moon!

Hope everyone’s 4th of July was a wonderful one!


Today’s color recipe was requested by a couple of our KSS Forum Members,

With the faint images of fireworks still dancing in my head … I pulled out Multi Step Owl & Autumn Moon Clear Stamps and Friends of the Moon Clear Stamps and attempted to recreate a moonlit night of fireworks.

In my post, Quick Masking with Embossing Powder/Resist Technique  (dye inks yield the best results – pigment inks can still leave a stain of color), I showed how you can use clear embossing powder as a mask. So it seemed fitting to use the same technique for my moon (with ripped paper to define the mountain silhouette) and fireworks (using an assortment of colored metallic embossing powders along with ink with clear embossing powder on top). After all my fireworks were in place, applying the ink pad directly to the paper (Memento – Pair Dusk and Danube Blue), the sky was filled with cleaning the excess ink on the moon and fireworks with a Q-Tip. Using the other half of torn paper (for the mountains), again – applying the ink pad directly to the paper (Memento – Olive Grove & Gray Flannel), to create the mountain silhouette.


This card was stamped on white cardstock. It did not have the dramatic punch I was looking for … if only I could stamp my moon onto black cardstock?… which I have not had success with … so far.


This is an example of Step #1 using Moonlight White  from Brilliance (and I have tried others which I will not name)

Over stamped 3x’s – yuck!

What I wanted was  … this! This bright white was created using white embossing powder for Step #1.


But, if clear embossing powder can act as a mask, how was I going to get the following layers of ink to stick to white embossing powder?    

[Off Topic Side Note: A few days ago I was reading about using Sharpie Markers for adding decoration/art to a manicure. To keep the Sharpie from smearing when adding the clear top coat fo polish, hairspray was used to create a clear barrier. It dried fast, clear and did not affect the Sharpie or the top coat polish… the hairspray acted as a fixative. A fixative not just for hair.]

This got me thinking! It seems that hairspray is not just a fixative for hair … why not for ink too!  So, I rolled up my sleeves and started to experiment. Here are the end results.


Step #1 – Stamp with VersaMark and use Detail White Opaque Embossing Powder.

• Allow embossed moon to cool.

• Spray with hairspray. (Don’t worry about wet spots – they will dry relatively quickly. A heat gun will speed up the process.)

OPTIONAL NOTE:  Using an anti-static embossing bag (Embossing Buddy) after the hairspray dried – yield even better results with the ink hold detail.

Step #2 – Niagara Mist by VersaMagic (pigment inks worked much better than dye inks).

Step #3 – Smokey Gray by VersaFine (I thought the ink looked a bit strong in some areas, so I Kimwipe [a lint-free tissue] to blot those areas.)


There you have it… a white moon on black paper. 🙂


For this card (Black Cards Stock), I created the moon as stated above and used a piece of ripped paper for the mountains. The mountains remain the black paper.

Before adding the embossed fireworks as in the first card… using Step #1 again (on top of the finished moon) – VersaMark and transparent Kaleidoscope embossing powder.

After stamping the fireworks in an assortment of embossing powders and with the torn paper mask still in place – directly used a dew drop ink pad – Night Sky from VersaMagic, to create the slanted streaks in the sky and define the mountains left of the moon.


Stamps: Multi Step Owl & Autumn Moon Clear Stamps and Friends of the Moon Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: For card stamped on white: Classic Crest – Classic Cream from Neenah. For card stamped on black: Basic Black from SU!

Both cards finished with Metallic Copper from SU! and Metallic Blue Steel from The Paper Co.

Inks: see above in post for inks used. 

Embellishments: Assortment of embossing powders used with VersaMark. From Stampendous: Detail White-Opaque, Detail Clear-Transparent, Star Dust-Transparent, Kaleidoscope-Transparent, Red Dragon-Opaque and Aqua Tinsel-Opaque. From Ranger: Super Fine Detail Silver-Opaque. From Sparkle N Sprinkle: Copper Dreams-Detail Opaque and Irish Spring-Detail Opaque.

Tip for Quick Masking

I have a quick masking tip/trick for you today.

When you are not up for cutting out lots of masks from masking paper (especially small ones)… try using clear embossing powder instead.

Quick Masking with Embossing Powder/Resist Technique

using Multi-Step Aloha! Clear Stamps and Multi-Step Big Leaves Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

added note: (dye inks yield the best results – pigment inks can still leave a stain of color)

Steps A, B, C for masking with embossing powderPhoto (A) – Two flowers stamped & dry. Next, embossed with fine detail clear EP (using step #1 stamp for full coverage and VersaMark). Tip: It is also a good time to do any embellishing with glitter pens before embossing.

Photo (B) – The red arrows show pink ink on top of the previously embossed flowers (the yellow and orange flowers) and the clear emboss acts as a mask for the pink flower.

Photo (C) – Before embossing the pink flower (same as done in photo A), clean unwanted ink off with Q-Tip. Tip: wipe the ink off towards the image you just stamped.

Tropical Flowers Plumerias Thank You CardThanks for stopping by! Hope you have a Happy (and inky) week!

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Stamps: Multi-Step Aloha! Clear Stamps and Multi-Step Big Leaves Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah, Metallic Amethyst & Metallic Blackberry from The Paper Co. 

Inks: (all Memento Inks):

  • See Multi-Step Aloha! Color Recipe for different plumeria color combos.
  • DK Leaves: Step #3 – Northern Pine, Step #2 –  Cottage Ivy, Step #1 – Pistachio. 
  • LT Leaves: Step #3 – Cottage Ivy, Step #2 –  Bamboo Leaves, Step #1 Pear Tart. 
  • Sentiment: Elderberry w/ Lulu Lavender drop shadow.

Embellishments: Fine detail clear embossing powder & VersaMark ink.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for all our Kitchen Sink Stamps customers!

 and I am thankful for the talented and inspiring ladies of the KS Crew!


Black Friday Sale starts early!

Nov. 22 – 25 (all day Thursday until Sunday midnight – PST)

35% off with the PROMO CODE: TH2012

With setting a decorative Thanksgiving table in mind, I stamped this 100% linen hot roll cover with Multi Step Big Leaves & Palette Inks.

After I pre-washed, air-dried and ironed the fabric, I placed the corner I was going to stamp, on top of a piece of chipboard/cardboard. The chipboard/cardboard absorbs any excess ink that soaks through the linen to the back and helps to prevent the ink from bleeding.

I did not bother to mask the overlapping leaves. I stamp the lightest leaf ( yellow) first and the darkest left (red) last. That way it wouldn’t show that I overlapped the images. 🙂

Overall, this project was quick and took about 15-20 mins. to stamp. After the ink completely dries, heat set both sides with a hot iron.  For more information about stamping on fabric, please see these two past posts – post 1 & post 2.

 Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thanksgiving Day is wonderful & yummy!

Please check out what the KS Crew has cooked up for you too!

Connie • Julie • Lisa • Lynn


Stamps: Multi Step Big Leaves from Kitchen Sink Stamps
Ink: All Palette Inks – Yellow Leaf: Step #1 – Paris Lights, Step #2 – Sunflower, Step #3 – Raw Sienna. Orange Leaf:  Step #1 – Nude, Step #2 – Orangerie, Step #3 – Cognac. Red Leaf:  Step #1 – Boudoir Blush, Step #2 – L’Amore Red, Step #3 – Bordeaux.
Other: 18″x18″ Scalloped Hot Roll Cover – 100% Linen