Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for all our Kitchen Sink Stamps customers!

 and I am thankful for the talented and inspiring ladies of the KS Crew!


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With setting a decorative Thanksgiving table in mind, I stamped this 100% linen hot roll cover with Multi Step Big Leaves & Palette Inks.

After I pre-washed, air-dried and ironed the fabric, I placed the corner I was going to stamp, on top of a piece of chipboard/cardboard. The chipboard/cardboard absorbs any excess ink that soaks through the linen to the back and helps to prevent the ink from bleeding.

I did not bother to mask the overlapping leaves. I stamp the lightest leaf ( yellow) first and the darkest left (red) last. That way it wouldn’t show that I overlapped the images. 🙂

Overall, this project was quick and took about 15-20 mins. to stamp. After the ink completely dries, heat set both sides with a hot iron.  For more information about stamping on fabric, please see these two past posts – post 1 & post 2.

 Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thanksgiving Day is wonderful & yummy!

Please check out what the KS Crew has cooked up for you too!

Connie • Julie • Lisa • Lynn


Stamps: Multi Step Big Leaves from Kitchen Sink Stamps
Ink: All Palette Inks – Yellow Leaf: Step #1 – Paris Lights, Step #2 – Sunflower, Step #3 – Raw Sienna. Orange Leaf:  Step #1 – Nude, Step #2 – Orangerie, Step #3 – Cognac. Red Leaf:  Step #1 – Boudoir Blush, Step #2 – L’Amore Red, Step #3 – Bordeaux.
Other: 18″x18″ Scalloped Hot Roll Cover – 100% Linen

Dog gone stamping fun!

Happy CR Friday!

It’s time for another batch of color recipes from the kitchen, this time for the set Multi Step Kittens & Pup.


I hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing samples of stamping on fabric… but as you might guess, I have been having fun… not to mention making some gifts! This tea towel was made for a dear friend’s birthday. She was two Springer Spaniels of her own. One of them is the older brother to our pup. So, you would guess right, she LOVED the gift! 🙂

I am just about finished with a tutorial for how I stamped the plaid on the towel, but must run off to a school product … the Father’s Follies! I will be back with the tutorial… and maybe a review of the production. 😉

In the mean time, the color recipe for this Kittens & Pup set can be found HERE. Both Memento & Palette CR’s are included. 🙂

Washing instructions can be found HERE.


Stamps: Multi Step Kittens & Pup and Plaid Plus! from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
Stamped on: 100% Cotton, 17″x26″ Tea Towel
Inks: (all Palette)
Pup: Step #1 – did not use, Step #2 – Haystack, Step #3 – Burnt Umber, Step #1 – Noir Black.
Plaid: Viridian Leaf, Chartreuse, Claret and Toile Pink

Iris Cocktail Napkins, plus Color Recipe (part 2)

Happy Color Recipe Friday – Update

The laundry is done and the results are in!

• #1:  Not pre-wash before and not washed after stamping. Only heat set with iron.

• #2:  Not pre-washed. Heat set with iron. Washed in HOT water and tumble dry on high.

• #3:  Pre-washed. Heat set with iron. Washed in COLD water and lay flat to dry. Iron while still damp.

• #4:  Not pre-washed. Heat set with iron. Washed in COLD water and tumble dry on high.

Pre-washing makes a big difference (#3)!

I am amazed how well the ink color held with very little fading on the sample that was pre-washed. It almost looks like the sample that hadn’t been washed (#1). Honestly, I think it looks a little better than sample #1, because the fibers come closer together after washing.

I was a bit surprised there wasn’t much difference between washing in hot water or cold water (#2 & #3 – both not pre-washed ). it looks like the one washed in hot water held up a bit better….. but either way, without pre-washing, a bit of ink faded.

The cocktail napkin its self being 100% cotton, did shrink a little when drying in a hot dryer, but keep its original size when left to dry flat and iron damp.

So there you have it  …. Pre-wash is a must and dry flat when possible or very low heat when using a dryer.

Have a wonderful weekend… See ya on Monday with more from the Kitchen! 🙂


Stamps: Multi Step Iris from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
Stamped on: 100% Cotton, 9″x9″ Cocktail Napkins (set of 4)
Inks: (all Palette Ink)Turquoise Blue Iris: Step #1 – Ballet Blue 3x’s, Step #2 – Cote d’Azure, Step #3 – Starry Night, Step #4 Noir Black 2x’s. Iris Stem: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf or Landscape, Step #3 – Jardin Moss. Iris Leaves: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf or Landscape, Step #3 – Jardin Moss. Iris Flower Bud: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf, Step #3 – Jardin Moss Step #4 – Starry Night.

Iris Cocktail Napkins, plus Color Recipe

Happy Color Recipe Friday!

Today I have a quick, fun project that can be a nice gift to give & color recipes for Multi Step Iris, one of the 4 new sets release this past Monday, April 23rd.

Yes, this project of 4 Iris cocktail napkins, was quick! 🙂  I started with a set of 100% cotton cocktail napkins & used Palette Inks. Both items are new to the KSS store and can be found by going to: Cotton Blanks and Palette Hybrid Inks.

I love how vibrant these Palette inks turn out, especially on fabric. I must warn you if you haven’t used them before, they will stain your stamps (especially the darker inks), but not as harsh staining as Staz-On can do to clear stamps. Also, Pallete inks don’t have that awful smell that alcohol base inks can have. So, if you want to stamp on fabric, some stained stamps are so worth it!

Instructions: Multi Step Stamping Iris Cocktail Napkins.

• Before Stamping: Pre-wash and iron items to be stamped. Re-pressing the cocktail napkin back into quaters helps define the stamping area.

[NOTE]: I probably should have pre-washed these cute cocktail napkins before stamping, but I couldn’t wait… I had to dive in and start stamping! 🙂 We’ll see if it makes a difference, I will be back with photos after a wash showing a sample pre-washed and one that hasn’t been pre-washed.

• Stamping: Place either card board or a small stack of paper/card stock under the fabric that will stamped on, in this case a cocktail napkin. The caardboard or paper should be larger than the stamping area. This will absorb any ink that soaks through the fabric while stamping.

I stamped the Iris bloom first and in order : #1, #2, #3 and #4. I have discovered that fabric doesn’t absorb ink the same way paper does. To get the most detail from the 4th step (the dark detail of the final image), it should be stamped last. After stamping all the flowers, I then stamped all the stems and leaves. This is so I didn’t have to keep changing blocks.

• Let ink dry completely.  I didn’t wait very long, (how could I?). I let these napkins dry for about an hour (while I ate dinner).

Heat set both sides with a hot iron. (cotton or linen setting is fine – just make sure to keep your iron moving). First I ironed each dry napkin between two pieces of plain white (un-coated) computer paper. The paper would protect my iron from any ink residue from the stamped napkin (which is why it is a good idea to let the ink dry completely before heat setting). After heat setting each side for about 3 mins., remove the paper and if the paper is clean from any ink transferring, then directly (without paper) heat set each side for 3 to 5 mins. again.


A gift already to give.

The color recipe for Multi Step Iris using Palette Hybrid Inks can be found HERE.
I’ll be back after a load of laundry to show you an “after photo” to how well this project holds up after laundering and if pre-washing makes a difference.
[UP DATE on washing instructions can be found HERE.]
Thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful and hopefully inky weekend! 


Stamps: Multi Step Iris from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
Stamped on: 100% Cotton, 9″x9″ Cocktail Napkins (set of 4)
Inks: (all Palette Ink)Purple Iris: Step #1 – Toile Pink, Step #2 – Lavender Sachet, Step #3 – Iris, Step #4 French Lilac. Orange Iris: Step #1 – Nude, Step #2 – Orangerie, Step #3 – Cognac 2x’s, Step #4 Burnt Umber.  Burgundy Iris: Step #1 – Nude, Step #2 – Belle Rose, Step #3 – L’Amore Red 2x’s, Step #4 Bordeaux. Turquoise Blue Iris: Step #1 – Ballet Blue 3x’s, Step #2 – Cote d’Azure, Step #3 – Starry Night, Step #4 Noir Black 2x’s. Iris Stem: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf or Landscape, Step #3 – Jardin Moss. Iris Leaves: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf or Landscape, Step #3 – Jardin Moss. Iris Flower Bud (on Orange & Burgundy Irises only): Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf, Step #3 – Jardin Moss Step #4 – Orange – Orangerie/Burgundy – L’Amore Red.

The Monday got away… and 2 New POM for June!

Hey, who moved Monday?!?

I am one day late, but with 2 Projects for the Month of June!

First something OLD 🙂

Last Monday I showed you a project that was inspired by Lynn’s KS Crew Challenge … use a piece of ribbon as the inspiration. I mention that I thought about something old, something new, … something blue. The “new” and “blue” is pretty easy to see on the garter (that dreamy silk ribbon), but I did not mention what was “OLD” …. (I think I was still on a sugar high from all the birthday cake! LOL). The “old” is at the bottom of the garter. I had a handmade doily of my grandmother’s that had a large tear in the center . 😦 I just could not bring myself to let it go (I’m have trouble even writing, “throw out”). But, Lynn’s challenge and the ribbon garter was the perfect project for a piece of vintage (and sentimental) lace. Yes, I cut (gasp!) the edge off the doily and it became the bottom of the garter. The full tutorial can be found HERE. I also had a number of comments about if there was a special bride for the garter … Yes, there is (hope she’s not reading today), it is for my god-daughter… when the time comes her to need. 😉

Another side note about this ribbon garter, I used ScoreTape to hold the ribbons in place with the intentions of sewing the layers together at the end….. well, the ScoreTape does such an amazing job, there was very little sewing involved.

Now to show you something new …. another project!

I guess I still have wedding on the brain with this next project. A quick and economical Embossed Wedding Favor. The dry embossing gives this simple 2″x 2″ favor box an elegant look that is also very quick to accomplish. The stamped wedding tag (which can be personalized from the wedding couple on the back of the tag) is easy for a group of friends to help assemble. The full tutorial for this project can be found HERE.

You may have seen their fabulous KSS cards yesterday, but you can always pay the KS Crew another visit!

AngelaConnie Julie LisaLynn– Challenge Hostess Makiko


Come join us in the KS Crew Challenge fun!… (last one before the Crew Challenge goes on vacation for the summer)


Materials – Stamps: Multi Step Wedding Rings from Kitchen Sink Stamps. Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah, Metallic Amethyst from Paper Temptress and basic computer paper. Ink: Step#4 – Vintage Sepia – VersaFine, Step#3 – Toffee – VersaFine, Step#2 – Toffee – stamp off 1x – VersaFine, Step#1 – Galaxy Gold – Brilliance. Embellishments: Scalloped Hearts Nestabilities. 2″x2″ white box and gold organzia ribbon from Michael’s. Gold cord from SU!