Color Recipe Friday + Sunflower stamping tip

Today’s color recipe is for …

Multi-Step Giant Sunflower, which can be now be found  HERE.

Plus, I have a stamping tip (or trick) for you today that I hope you will find useful.


Round centers in flowers found in the stamp sets: Multi Step Giant Sunflowers and 3 Step Honey Bunny (the Gerber Daisy), sometimes can be stubborn to line up correctly.

Since the flower centers are almost perfectly round, that doesn’t give a lot of image information for lining these stamps up with the other steps… not to mention if the stamp is going in the correct direction!  Plus, when using darker inks, it is almost impossible to see where the center stamp should go – literally, it is like a  shot in the dark with its placement.

My card today is an example of this issue. Without today’s stamping tip, I can not line up the flower center correctly when using darker inks. 🙂


For the lack of a better word, let’s call today’s tip:  “tattooing your stamp”.

Yup, you are reading correctly. I am suggesting that you mark up your stamps with a permanent marker. Don’t worry, most of the ink will eventually clean off with rubbing alcohol. But … I think once you try this technique, you’ll see how the marker “tattoo” will aid with lining up the flower’s center so well, you won’t want to clean it off.  😉

Now, for those of you who just can’t bring yourself to marking up a stamp … really, it is ok. Isn’t it more important that you are happy with the look of the finished stamped image then the look of the stamp? I think so.  🙂


Here is the basic idea:

• First, have the color ID sheet face up (numbers heading in the right direction).

• Place the desired stamp to mark-up (tattoo), image down towards ID sheet & base side up, directly over its match on the ID sheet. 

• Then with a permanent marker such as a Sharpie and the color ID as a guide, carefully trace an outline of the flower’s center directly on the back of the stamp (the base side). The more detail in the outline the better results with lining up exactly where the center of the flower should be when stamping (even when using a dark ink such as red or purple).


Please let me know if you found this trick/tip to be helpful.

The full tutorial can be found HERE.

 Thanks for stopping by and have an inky weekend!


Stamps: Multi Step Giant Sunflower  from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
Paper: Classic Crest – Solar White from Neenah. Noir & Anthracite from Stardream. Going Gray and Basic Gray from SU!
Inks: (Memento inks) Red Sunflower: Step #5 – Tuxedo Black,  Step #3 – Sweet Plum, Step #2 – Love Letter, Step #1 – Lady Bug, Step #4 – Gray Flannel. Stem: Step #3 – Grape Jelly, Step #2 – Cottage Ivy, Step #1 – Pear Tart + Desert Sand. Leaves: Step #3 – Grape Jelly, Step #2 – Cottage Ivy, Step #1 – Pear Tart. Lady Bug: Step #3 – Espresso Truffle, Step #2 – Peanut Brittle 2x’s, Step #1 – Tangelo.
Embellishments: Slot punch and Spiral punch from SU! Adhesive pearls & black polka dot sheer ribbon from Michael’s.

3 thoughts on “Color Recipe Friday + Sunflower stamping tip

  1. Great tutorial, this is so useful. I was guessing where to place the center of the sunflowers. Now, I am going to mark the center of the sunflowers, this is a great tip.


    1. Emilia – I am so glad to know that you found this helpful … no more guessing. 🙂


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