Sometimes … Life is not a beach, the BEACH is!

Who said it was easy to find paradise?

I have wanted to design a Multi-Step Palm Tree set for the longest time. But, the timing never seemed right. I am so glad that these palm trees finally made its way off my computer and into the Kitchen! This card also had quite a long row to hoe too!

Stamps used for tropical scene card: Palm Trees Multi-Step Clear Stamps and Sail Boats Multi-Step Clear Stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Does this ever happen to you?

You start a card with an idea in mind  … and somewhere along the way, after twists and turns and a couple of hours or days (with ink everywhere!) …  your finished card ends up somewhere you never intend at all!

This is exactly what happened with this card! Yes, my idea was a sandy beach with palm trees and sailboats off on the distant waves…. but creating the sand & water was not as simple as stamping the palm trees and sailboats. I will try to share how I created this card, but at times the creative process became a blur!

I started by stamping the palm trees, then the footprints in (Desert Sand), followed by the sailboats … the rest gets foggy… literally!

• First I tried sponging (Summer Sky) with torn paper for waves. Not liking what was happening (I don’t have the knack for this technique like the rest of the KSCrew), I switched to focus on the beach area using glimmer mist (Crushed Shell & Pearl). That just made my “beach” look like a wet, beige mess… and now my footprints were fading. Getting frustrated, I walked away for a while.

• The next day  … I thought maybe adding a few drops of (Sapphire) glimmer mist and a few drops of (Summer Sky) from a re-inker into a mini mister and diluted it with water might do the job. Starting in the upper corner … nope! Again, just a wet mess but now a darker blue.

• At this point, I thought this card was heading toward the trash so I thought to myself, “Go for it! What if I try ….”, this is when things really start to blur! All I remember is more misting and a water brush somewhere. My stamped palm trees were fading, my boats were fading and my footprints …. washed away – literally! I had more ink on myself and my desk than on the card… but at least there was now some movement of color .vs a flat yucky mess!

• The sand still did not look like sand.  So… trying to find some inspiration (art first aid) online, I found this tutorial that Beate did for SCS called, Stamped Acrylic Block Background. I thought this technique might help my beach look “sandy”. It was worth a try.

• After my soaked card dried, again. (I have to interject – by this point I am very impressed with how my card stock, Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah, is holding up to the water torture I am putting it through … the card stock is still strong and the fibers still tight) –  I attempted smearing (Desert Sand) with a sponge onto the back of an acrylic block. Before it could dry, I stamped it directly onto the lower corner/beach area. Not bad. Starting to look like grainy. I then added some (Toffee Crunch) for depth. It was starting to look like sand (Ya-Hooo!), but too stark… like polka-dots.

• After drying for about 15 mins. I sprayed more glimmer mist (Crushed Shell and Pearl) starting where the water meets the sand all the way to the lower corner of the card, followed with another round of block stamping with (Desert Sand & Toffee Crunch). This resulted in a softer speckled look – like sand. I am liking it now. 🙂

• It was time to try the same process for the water area. First glimmer mist with (Pearl) followed with (Danube Blue & Summer Sky) block stamping. I think the end result looks like waves and spraying water.

• Finally, after the card completely dried ~ for the umpteenth time, I re-stamped the palm trees (no masking), the front sailboat and footprints.

WOW! What a journey – I am glad I didn’t give up and throw it in the trash! 😉

I admit I am afraid to add a sentiment… I may muck it up! 😉

Walk-along-the-beachColor Recipe for Multi-Step Palm Trees can be found HERE.

To find out what’s going on with The Giveaway Game – please go HERE.


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Hope you have a Happy (and inky) week!

Please remember to check out what the KS Crew has cooked up for you using today’s new stamps!

Connie  Julie  Lisa  Lynn  Tammy


Stamps: Multi Step Palm Trees and Multi Step Sail Boats from Kitchen Sink Stamps.

Paper: Solar White Classic Crest from Neenah and Metallic Bluebell from THe Paper Co.

Inks: (all Memento Inks):

  • Large Palm Tree: 
    • Step #3 – Northern Pine
    • Step #2 – Olive Grove
    • Step #1 – Pistachio.
  • Trunk: 
    • Step #3 – Rich Cocoa
    • Step #2 – Toffee Crunch
    • Step #1 – Desert Sand. 
  • Small Palm Tree: 
    • Step #3 – Olive Grove
    • Step #2 – Pistachio
    • Step #1 – Pear Tart. 
  • Trunk: 
    • Step #3 – Rich Cocoa
    • Step #2 – Toffee Crunch
    • Step #1 – Desert Sand.
  • Foot Prints:
    • Desert Sand and Toffee Crunch.
  • Sail Boat:
    • Step #3 – Danube Blue
    • Step #2 – Danube Blue so 1x
    • Step #1 – Summer Sky. (The lighter sailboat was done with the same color recipe, only washed out with all the glimmer mist and water spraying).

6 thoughts on “Sometimes … Life is not a beach, the BEACH is!

  1. Oh my how your story had me grinning. Your card turned out beautifully – so glad you didn’t give up.


  2. I’ve made that journey before. My saying is “Never give up!” Your sticking to it turned out to be a nice master piece!


  3. Thank you Sherry … sounds like we’ve been in the same creative boat. 😉


  4. Ha! I’d have given up long before you did but I’m glad you didn’t – inspiring and a beautiful card.


  5. I love the aerial view of the beach! Great card!


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