One More day until New Stamps are in the Kitchen, plus a fun giveaway begins!

Boy, that was a fast week!
I can’t believe only one more day until the long-awaited,

5 new stamps

will be available in Kitchen Sink Stamps’ store!

Until then … here 3 more sneak peeks to hold you over! 😉


Beside new stamps, a new

KSS Forum Giveaway Game

will begin tomorrow too! YaHooo!

(Look for it tomorrow in the forum under KSS Special Events)

This giveaway is for our forum members only and it must be play in the forum for your answer to count. So, please don’t leave your answer here.
As I mentioned last week, I did something fun (at least it was for me!) for this release. I separately asked each KSCrew member  (except for Tammy 😦 , who had not yet come back up to stamp us)“What is your number one “stamp wish” for KSS?”  Their “stamp wishes” turned into this June’s new stamp release … you can call it a “Crew’s Choice” release!
I was inspired and had so much fun designing their “stamp wishes”.  Yet, I wasn’t surprised with each crew’s request. I saw each “stamp wish” as a wonderful reflection of that crew member … their interests, likes, the things that are close to them. This got me thinking (always a dangerous thing!)… would the KSCrew be able to pick who requested which stamp set?
Yup, they don’t know who asked for which set either!  🙂
This leads to our KSS forum giveaway …  
How well do you think you know the KSCrew?
You showed during our New Year’s Countdown Party, that you know a lot about the KSCrew.
You know their stamping style, their color preferences… even what their real kitchen looks like.
But, do you know what their stamp wish would be?   Hmmm?
(… you have a 1 in 5 chance in getting it right! 😉 )
That is the challenge!

“Match the KSCrew to the New KS Stamp Set”

(Look for it tomorrow in the KSS forum under KSS Special Events)

What is the Prize for the winner?
One lucky and insightful winner (the first person to match all 5 new stamps to the correct KSCrew Member who “wished” for the set), will not only receive a $25.00 gift certificate, but they will get a “stamp wish” of their own!
 The winner will give me their “stamp wish”, which I will use to design a stamp set for our next release in Sept. 2013. Plus, the winner will get their “stamp wish” set before it is available for sale to the public.
Sound like a cool prize?
I hope you think so!
So start combing through the KSCrew’s galley and their blogs… you may or may not get an idea of what was their “stamp wish”.
The give away game begins tomorrow! 🙂
The Giveaway Rules & Prize Info can be found HERE.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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