Iris Cocktail Napkins, plus Color Recipe

Happy Color Recipe Friday!

Today I have a quick, fun project that can be a nice gift to give & color recipes for Multi Step Iris, one of the 4 new sets release this past Monday, April 23rd.

Yes, this project of 4 Iris cocktail napkins, was quick! 🙂  I started with a set of 100% cotton cocktail napkins & used Palette Inks. Both items are new to the KSS store and can be found by going to: Cotton Blanks and Palette Hybrid Inks.

I love how vibrant these Palette inks turn out, especially on fabric. I must warn you if you haven’t used them before, they will stain your stamps (especially the darker inks), but not as harsh staining as Staz-On can do to clear stamps. Also, Pallete inks don’t have that awful smell that alcohol base inks can have. So, if you want to stamp on fabric, some stained stamps are so worth it!

Instructions: Multi Step Stamping Iris Cocktail Napkins.

• Before Stamping: Pre-wash and iron items to be stamped. Re-pressing the cocktail napkin back into quaters helps define the stamping area.

[NOTE]: I probably should have pre-washed these cute cocktail napkins before stamping, but I couldn’t wait… I had to dive in and start stamping! 🙂 We’ll see if it makes a difference, I will be back with photos after a wash showing a sample pre-washed and one that hasn’t been pre-washed.

• Stamping: Place either card board or a small stack of paper/card stock under the fabric that will stamped on, in this case a cocktail napkin. The caardboard or paper should be larger than the stamping area. This will absorb any ink that soaks through the fabric while stamping.

I stamped the Iris bloom first and in order : #1, #2, #3 and #4. I have discovered that fabric doesn’t absorb ink the same way paper does. To get the most detail from the 4th step (the dark detail of the final image), it should be stamped last. After stamping all the flowers, I then stamped all the stems and leaves. This is so I didn’t have to keep changing blocks.

• Let ink dry completely.  I didn’t wait very long, (how could I?). I let these napkins dry for about an hour (while I ate dinner).

Heat set both sides with a hot iron. (cotton or linen setting is fine – just make sure to keep your iron moving). First I ironed each dry napkin between two pieces of plain white (un-coated) computer paper. The paper would protect my iron from any ink residue from the stamped napkin (which is why it is a good idea to let the ink dry completely before heat setting). After heat setting each side for about 3 mins., remove the paper and if the paper is clean from any ink transferring, then directly (without paper) heat set each side for 3 to 5 mins. again.


A gift already to give.

The color recipe for Multi Step Iris using Palette Hybrid Inks can be found HERE.
I’ll be back after a load of laundry to show you an “after photo” to how well this project holds up after laundering and if pre-washing makes a difference.
[UP DATE on washing instructions can be found HERE.]
Thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful and hopefully inky weekend! 


Stamps: Multi Step Iris from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
Stamped on: 100% Cotton, 9″x9″ Cocktail Napkins (set of 4)
Inks: (all Palette Ink)Purple Iris: Step #1 – Toile Pink, Step #2 – Lavender Sachet, Step #3 – Iris, Step #4 French Lilac. Orange Iris: Step #1 – Nude, Step #2 – Orangerie, Step #3 – Cognac 2x’s, Step #4 Burnt Umber.  Burgundy Iris: Step #1 – Nude, Step #2 – Belle Rose, Step #3 – L’Amore Red 2x’s, Step #4 Bordeaux. Turquoise Blue Iris: Step #1 – Ballet Blue 3x’s, Step #2 – Cote d’Azure, Step #3 – Starry Night, Step #4 Noir Black 2x’s. Iris Stem: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf or Landscape, Step #3 – Jardin Moss. Iris Leaves: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf or Landscape, Step #3 – Jardin Moss. Iris Flower Bud (on Orange & Burgundy Irises only): Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf, Step #3 – Jardin Moss Step #4 – Orange – Orangerie/Burgundy – L’Amore Red.

3 thoughts on “Iris Cocktail Napkins, plus Color Recipe

  1. So cool!!! I’m afraid of fabric, or I would totally try this!


  2. Those are beautifyl


  3. Oops! Can’t spell today. BEAUTIFUL!


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