Iris Cocktail Napkins, plus Color Recipe (part 2)

Happy Color Recipe Friday – Update

The laundry is done and the results are in!

• #1:  Not pre-wash before and not washed after stamping. Only heat set with iron.

• #2:  Not pre-washed. Heat set with iron. Washed in HOT water and tumble dry on high.

• #3:  Pre-washed. Heat set with iron. Washed in COLD water and lay flat to dry. Iron while still damp.

• #4:  Not pre-washed. Heat set with iron. Washed in COLD water and tumble dry on high.

Pre-washing makes a big difference (#3)!

I am amazed how well the ink color held with very little fading on the sample that was pre-washed. It almost looks like the sample that hadn’t been washed (#1). Honestly, I think it looks a little better than sample #1, because the fibers come closer together after washing.

I was a bit surprised there wasn’t much difference between washing in hot water or cold water (#2 & #3 – both not pre-washed ). it looks like the one washed in hot water held up a bit better….. but either way, without pre-washing, a bit of ink faded.

The cocktail napkin its self being 100% cotton, did shrink a little when drying in a hot dryer, but keep its original size when left to dry flat and iron damp.

So there you have it  …. Pre-wash is a must and dry flat when possible or very low heat when using a dryer.

Have a wonderful weekend… See ya on Monday with more from the Kitchen! 🙂


Stamps: Multi Step Iris from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
Stamped on: 100% Cotton, 9″x9″ Cocktail Napkins (set of 4)
Inks: (all Palette Ink)Turquoise Blue Iris: Step #1 – Ballet Blue 3x’s, Step #2 – Cote d’Azure, Step #3 – Starry Night, Step #4 Noir Black 2x’s. Iris Stem: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf or Landscape, Step #3 – Jardin Moss. Iris Leaves: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf or Landscape, Step #3 – Jardin Moss. Iris Flower Bud: Step #1 Giverny Green, Step #2 – Viridian Leaf, Step #3 – Jardin Moss Step #4 – Starry Night.

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