Tick Tock … Tick Tock

Happy Kitchen Sink Monday…

Remember me? I hope so! Yes, too much time has passed since my last card! 😦

time [tahym]

noun, adjective, verb, timed, tim·ing

… it is amazing how many references, quotes or sayings there is for TIME!

“Time is money”… “All things in good time” …”How time flies when you’re having fun”

… All I know about TIME, is how it continually eludes my grasp. I am defiantly “time challenged“. I am either late or early, never on time! More so than ever, I just don’t have enough time for all the things I want & need to get done in a day. If only I could have 12 extra hours while the rest of the world stops, just to catch up (really could use Hermione Granger’s Time Turner!).


I am extremely late with a warm heartfelt THANKS to our guest design for January, Barbara Washington! A BIG “Thank you” for joining us, Barbara! It seems like we just got started! It was a pleasure working with you and getting to know you a little bit better. You are a creative gem!


… Yet life can be so serendipitous when unplanned timely events, aid with accomplishing more than thought possible. 🙂

I find it rather ironic that this morning, I had no card to share. Why? I ran out of time!

This past Sat., after 2 weeks without an extra second to stamp, I was so excited to get my fingers inky again! But, the joy quickly left when I entered my office and came face to face with an uncontrollable monster! MY DESK! I could not stamp anything until I took the time to clean it (I could have sworn I saw my stamp table/desk take a breath and drool!). I could no longer find anything nor continue to stamp on the piles and piles of paper scraps, snips of ribbon, scattered inks & tools, etc.! With each new card or project, another layer had been added to my desk… until it started to resemble a 3-D science project of the earth’s crust. It took a day to deconstruct all the layers and another day to put them where they belonged.

By Sunday afternoon, I thought I had a better chance of stamping a card for Monday if I played along in the morning with Lynn’s 10 min. card challenge (10MC7). As fate took another turn, no such luck for stamping. I remembered before running out of time, that I must call and check in if needed for … jury duty. Yes, it was my turn. The time had come to partake in my civic duty and now faced with a different TIME challenge! Don’t have much time, yet must sit, wait and take time…what is that like? Take TIME????

Armed with my laptop and prepared to spend the day waiting. It is interesting to watch how others choose to spend their time. But as I write this, I am finding it difficult to keep a single thought in my brain for even one second. Why? The gentleman behind me (who has stretched out over several chairs ) is snoring like a buzz sawReally? REALLY! Funny, just like Rip Van Winkle, guess this guy figures when he wakes, his time waiting will be over!

Just as the clocked ticked off another min., time took a turn and was on my side. We were given 2 hours for lunch (don’t we wish that was the norm!) and since I live about 10 mins. away from the court-house, I went home and was able to do Lynn’s 10 min. challenge after all … and in 10 mins! Yeah!

Where am I going with all this talk about TIME? Today’s new release, Multi Step Father’s Pocket Watch, is perfect for those time sensitive cards &projects.

Better late than never! 😉

Please remember to check what the rest of the KS Crew has cooked up for you this KSS Monday, I know it will be well worth your time!

Angela ConnieJulieLisaLynnMakiko


Stamps: Multi Step Father’s Pocket Watch from Kitchen Sink Stamps.
Paper: Chocolate Chip and Confetti Cream from SU!. Metallic Copper and Bronze from the Paper Temptress.
Inks: Step #3  Onyx Black – Versa Fine  •  Step #2 Rich Cocoa – stamp off 2x’s  •  Step #1 Galaxy Gold stamp off 1x and then again inking only the watch and watch fob  •  Sentiment: Onyx Black and VersaMark with Fine Detail gold embossing powder. Sponged over dry emboss – Jumbo Java from VersMagic.
Embellishments: Classic Circles and Inverted Scalloped Circles from Nestabilities. Dry Embossing folder – Alterations: Collage.

8 thoughts on “Tick Tock … Tick Tock

  1. Wow’ that is gorgeous! That background paper is to die for and your color selection is wonderful. What inspiration that you did it in such a short amount of time.


  2. Ten minutes cards do come in handy at times!! Yours is sensational, Maria, with this fabulous pocket watch!

    Hope you don’t get hung up long in jury duty!


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