The WBPS …. and another clue!


You all have 2 out of 3 correct.

Here is a second clue for #1 ….

Combined with poison, this becomes a super villainess.

Remember, the winner is the FIRST person to leave a comment with all 3 clues correct.

Good luck everyone!



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4 thoughts on “The WBPS …. and another clue!

  1. Ok…Let me try this again.
    1. Poison Ivy
    2. Elephant
    3. Breast Cancer Awareness
    Crossing fingers!!!!


  2. Here is my second entry for clue #1: League of its own:
    Secret Society of Super Villains (SSoSV). I am assuming my first entry with my first quesses for clue 2 & 3 still are valid.


  3. I am resubmitting my quesses in full, so I don’t miss the chance to win:
    #1: Poison Ivy or Secret Society of Super Villains (SSoSV)
    #2: Elephant
    #3: Pink Ribbon or LiveStrong


  4. This is a hard one–all I can think of is Poison Ivy the comic book villainess for #1
    #2 Elephant
    #3 Ribbon


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