The best Birthday surprise ever!

Well blow me over!!!

I am floored & speechless!

(my mouth hangs open with eyes as big as saucers, as I view the most GORGEOUS Birthday cards I have ever seen!
This is the best birthday surprise ever!!!

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The awesome KS Crew has cooked up a blog hop today for my birthday with some serious card EYE CANDY … (they SURPRISED the ink right out of me!)


My deepest heartfelt thanks to an amazing & talented group of ladies, the KS Crew! It is a pleasure & honor to work with each & every one of you! Your inspiration knows no bounds!

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12 thoughts on “The best Birthday surprise ever!

  1. I am so blessed to work with you and your remarkable stamps!! Thank you so much for the joy and inspiration you have brought to my stamping!

    May your birthday be filled with love and laughter!!

    Birthday hugs to you!!!


  2. I truly hope you had a wonderful b-day Maria! Thank you so much the the wonderful opportunity to work with you and your AMAZING images! I feel so blessed! Thanks Maria!! HUGS!!!


  3. Avery special “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to a very special lady!!!
    Hope you had a great one! Your crew sure loves you…that is extra special!!!


  4. Yippie!! We did it! Awesome job to all KS Crews!!

    Happy Birthday, Maria!! You’re such an inspiration to me and I’m sure you are for many people who loves your design. It’s so honor to be part of your wonderful team!

    So, how was your birthday??


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