Coming in 2010… and the begining of Sneak Peeks!

You may have noticed the “construction cones” and my mention that Kitchen Sink will be/is in the process of a wonderful Kitchen Remodel for 2010.

It is true…. changes are a coming, but like with most remodels, it always seems to take longer than expected… and KSS’s Kitchen Remodel is no exception. What do ya do? Smile, and keep stamping until the job is done. 🙂

So, while we wait (thank you all for your patience) …. I thought of two things we could do to help pass the time:

#1) I could fill you in on just a few of the cool things that will be coming to Kitchen Sink Stamps in the next few weeks….. and time to start it off with a sneak peek too (see further done below)!


#2) How about a Give Away while we wait for #1 to take place! LOL!


Besides a new stamp release on Tuesday, Jan. 12th – with 4 new stamp sets…. and back by popular demand, 1 old stamp set coming out of retirement….

… the Kitchen Sink Store is going from a cozy “kitchenette”… to a fully loaded Kitchen (YaHoo!!!) …. but without losing any of the personal care that you have grown to expect from Kitchen Sink Stamps. 🙂

I have been so excited about this new store… I just have to share a few things that you can keep an eye out for…. things like:

• Customer reward program

• Free Shipping automatically figured in at the time of check out (YaHOOOO!)

• Gift Certificate Coupon Codes for direct shopping…. this will also be good for all the KS Crew Challenge winners! 🙂

… and these are just a few of the cool things coming.

Plus, coming in the following months…. Kitchen Sink will have its own forum where you can ask questions, chat, upload your KS Creations to a public gallery for all us to “oooo” and “ahhhh” over, plus find everything from color recipes, tutorials, Project of the Month to the KS Crew Challenges…. all in one spot.

I do hope you are as excited as I am! Smiley from

Now, any day this week, we should see a change at

This first change will not effect the current KS Store, (which at this time can still be used to place orders). This change will not effect the KS Crew Challenge Blog, the KS Idea Gallery or my blog here, In the Sink News.

So, while we all wait for this “transfer” from the old to the new to be complete… I thought it could be fun to have a give away!

Here is how you can play the, “Waiting for a New Remoled Kitchen Sink Stamps – Give Away”. On the first day (and open to play for one day only) when the new KSS start up page [] is visible (live)… leave a comment back HERE on my/this blog [In the Sink News] …saying, “I see it”!

“This day of change” could be any day this week…. Wow, that phrase brings back memories of when my children were born … it could be any day now! LOL

At the end of “this day”, I will pick one number at random from all the comments left on a Sticky post left at the top of this blog (HERE) and the winner will get one of the new sets from Jan. 12th’s new release.

Which new stamp set ? The stamp set to THIS SNEAK PEEK!

Got any idea what it could be?

In the meantime… keep a sharp eye out… for a change with the KSS’s web site… or for a new sneak peek while we continue to wait! 🙂

I truly look forward to spending 2010 multi step stamping with you!


16 thoughts on “Coming in 2010… and the begining of Sneak Peeks!

  1. Can´t wait to see all the changes here at “the sink”.. Sounds really good!..
    ..and that sneak peak – hmm, it looks like a little bird and some branches..
    /Tina F.


  2. I can’t wait to see the new website! I LOVE the idea that there will be a gallery and a forum. Wow, a customer reward program!!!!! Great news!
    I think the sneak peek shows a bird… still one LONG week to the release! I am so curious!


  3. Customer rewards and free shipping sound great:) The sneak peek does look like a bird and pine branches.


  4. Anita Champagne January 5, 2010 — 7:05 am

    WOW, how exciting…KSS really knows how to bring in 2010…can’t wait for the new releases, as well as all the fabulous changes – thanks Maria 🙂


  5. Hmmm, I’m thinking a cardinal to go w/ the Build a Garland set?
    That would be pretty!!!!! And I want it!!!!! LOL!

    I am SO excited about all the new things that you are going to have on the new site! I can’t wait!!!!!!


  6. I am SO waiting to see the new and improved web site. And … is that a little cardinal waiting to peek at us?


  7. I am not surre what the sneak peek is but I am sure it will be a great set as all of your sets are. Sounds like good things are coming our way!!! It will be fun to upload our cards to your department. Hope to hear I won! Keep those multi stamps coming – I love them and love working with them.


  8. cardinal in pines? Looks cute


  9. OHHHH!! I can’t wait to see


  10. looks like a cardinal on a pine branch…
    kitchen remodels are always great! can’t wait to see yours!


  11. Andrea Bogedain January 5, 2010 — 9:32 pm

    Ohhh. It looks like a cardinal and some pine branches. I can’t wait to see what Maria has cooked up for us! I am also looking forward to maybe having another stamping weekend somewhere… Hint, hint. That was the most fun I had in a long time.


  12. It looks like a bird in a pine tree.


  13. Omgosh! I see it!
    Could it be a cardinal?? My favorite bird!
    I’d love a multistep cardinal!


  14. I think it looks like a cardinal too. Love bird stamps. Pine boughs in the background. It will be fun to see what it is.


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