Daisy …. bring it out of retirement… or release a new one?

That is the burning question. 🙂

Remember this set…. 3 Step Daisy?

Help me decide… should this set come back out of retirement… or release a whole new Multi Step Daisy?

Please let me know what you think.

Please leave your comment on Kitchen Sink Stamps’ Facebook Discussion page (found HERE)… if your not a Facebook member… please leave your thoughts here on this post.

Thanks so for your input! 🙂

More on this card and other cards made with 3 Step Daisy, can be found HERE.

Stamps used in this card: 3 Step Daisy & Whole Family.


13 thoughts on “Daisy …. bring it out of retirement… or release a new one?

  1. I think you should take this set out of retirement and produce a new different kind of floral set. I love all your 3-step stamp sets!
    Nan Cee


  2. I like it. May have never seen the original. Would it be easier to do another? Was that one a good size? Or do it like some of the others with two different sizes…


  3. This is one of my most used favorite sets in my rather large collection. I say why mess with a beautiful thing — bring it out of retirement!


  4. I was introduced to KSS after the Daisy set was already retired, much to my dismay. :0 All the wonderful items I’ve seen made w/ this set has sent me on a search for this set to no avail. Looks like anyone who has this set isn’t parting w/ it 4 all the tea in China!!! So I say…Bring It Back, PLEASE!!!


  5. I have this daisy set, and to be totally honest (because unfortunately I am always honest!), I haven’t used it! So, a new one would be nice! Maybe a set that looks more like a gerber daisy. And perhaps do like the sunflower, where you can have a side view of a daisy and then one front view.
    And some sentiments w/ that cool font that I love so much! 🙂

    Hey, you asked! Sorry!!!!


  6. I want this set.
    I love the flowers and the sentiments.
    I’d love to see flower sets designed to coordinate with each other, perhaps a wildflower theme. Wouldn’t that be cool?



  7. Please let the came back. I want this set so gladly,you know I’ve asked you a copple of months ago when will they return?
    So YES I want them back!!


  8. I think that you should take it out of retirement for those stampers that have recently discovered KSS. I love this set! It was my first 3-step set! Also, I’d like to see more vases, baskets, etc. that coordinate with some previously released sets (flowers).


  9. I did not purchase this set because I just did not like this image so much. I would love to see a daisy redone and maybe updated a bit.

    thanks much


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