Georgia on my Mind!


Grab a cup of coffee or a Diet Coke and sit back … this is a LONG post!

Last weekend (Sat., Sept. 19th), Kitchen Sink had its very first workshop. The event was held at the LaQuinta Inn in Warner Robbins, GA. Little did I know, I (and my dear friend Traci who I dragged to Georgia with me to help) we were in for the ride of our lives that weekend! My trip to Georgia will stay forever etched to the forefront of my brain! 🙂 I am just smitten by the southern hospitality and charm that I encountered from the people and places throughout my entire stay in Georgia!

4KSS-crewIt was wonderful to finally meet in person, KS Crew Members: Dee, Lynn & Lisa, whom I have only had the pleasure of knowing by way of email and phone. It was also such a thrill to meet those who attended the workshop, again whom I have only known through email and their “1 avatars on their blogs and through public forums!

I owe Dee, a big “thank you” for doing a knockout job with all the arrangements in Warner Robbins for the workshop … down to the food! Everything was fabulous Dee! I also want to thank Lisa & Lynn who traveled many miles to help & share projects at the workshop. If I may say… ladies you all rocked… like a well-oiled machine!!!! You all know how to get the job done! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Friday-at--deesThe official KSS workshop was Sat. but, as if Dee wasn’t busy enough making all the arrangements for Sat., she hosted a simple meet & greet at her home the evening before!!! Friday evening set out to be an evening of nibbling on yummy food, chit-chatting, etc….. but, you know how it goes… fill a room with stampers and if there are stamps in the area… you know what comes next! I will admit, I am just as bad as a 4-year-old sitting next to a cookie jar! If there are stamps around…. I’ve got to hunt down the ink! LOL!   [The photo above, left to right: Lisa, Gerrie, Sara, and Dee around Dee’s kitchen table stamping.]

with-pinkie-&-gerrieThe ladies that were able to join us Friday night, got to sample and play with a handful of KS stamps that have been available for a while. I was thrilled to be able to stand around the kitchen table and stamp with these ladies just like I do with my friends back home … right, Traci?!! 🙂   [In this photo, I am showing Pinkie (on the left) and Gerrie (on the right), how to find the image side to a flat/solid stamp (usually step #1)… it is a real drag when you stamp with the wrong side!]

Lisa-post-itsNow we get to the big day… is it a wonder that I & Traci couldn’t fall asleep and were chatting until 5am! (sorry if we kept you up, Lisa!) …. Yes, my body clock was all off and I was just too darn excited… just like my boys the night before we go to Disneyland!!!! LOL!

[This photo shows Lisa (covered in post-it notes) and Dee preparing before the workshop and a game we used to give out door prizes throughout the day. Thanks, Dee… it worked great! Lisa, you crack me up!]

samples-1The next two photos are samples of what was created that day. Dee had many beautiful cards to share; Lynn designed a gorgeous bookmark (with the perfect ribbon to match!) and Lisa designed an awesome 3-project using a Clear Business Card Calendar Case (which I believe Lisa will be sharing more on this type of project in the future). The projects these talented ladies had planned, would certainly keep our Multi Step Stamping “Chefs in Training” very busy!

What did I do you might be asking? Hmmm? Good question, it was a blur to me! LOL!  OK, besides handing out door prizes from KSS and from our generous donators (company list is at the bottom), I went through the steps on HOW TO Multi Step Stamp.


Each “Chef in Training” received a Kitchen Sink Tote Bag, filled with everything they would need to make these wonderful projects designed by Dee, Lisa & Lynn, including the newly released stamp set, Multi-Step Sunflowers…. plus 6 inks. Only six inks you ask? How does one get all those different colors of yellows, greens, reds, and browns that are used in the samples, with only 6 inks? This is where I showed our future Master Chefs, how to maximize their inks! Everyone was also supplied with a full-color guide for both the Sunflowers & Watering Can along with worksheets that show how to do that … maximize your inks & Multi Step Stamping, along with …..  stamping out-of-order and a few other stamping techniques I thought the ladies might like. 🙂


I had a blast and want to thank everyone who participated in the day’s event! Whether you were planning, attending or that mystery man behind the scenes … Thank you from the bottom of my heart, … it couldn’t have happened without you!

I can hardly wait to do it again! 🙂

[Here is Lynn demonstrating her beautiful bookmark; and as a 30-year veteran teacher … Lynn is amazing to watch!!!!]

And now, to introduce Kitchen Sink’s First
Certified Multi Step Stamping Chef Grads!

Congratulations Ladies! You are the tops!!!!Work-shop-grads

[Top row, left to right: Dee, Lynn, Andrea, Debbie, Liz, Gerrie, Rainy, Pinky, Henrietta. Second row, left to right: Sara, Penny, Anita, Deb. Bottom row left to right: Lisa, Traci & me. Not in photo, but attended the class: Margaret, Patty & Theresa.]

I would also like to thank all of the generous companies who supplied us with items that were either used in projects during the workshop or given as door prizes!

Technique Junkies Newsletter (Great way to learn new & creative techniques!)
SplitCoast Stampers (Super stamping apparel!)
The Paper Temptress (Really cool & different card stock)
Stamp Simply RIBBON Store (Scrumptious 100% Silk Ribbon)
The Robin’s Nest (Beautiful Designer Papers)
Jacksonbelle Embellishments (Supper fun embellishments + more!)
Storage Units, Ink & More (Awesome papers + more!)

Thanks ya’ all!!!

14 thoughts on “Georgia on my Mind!

  1. Wonderful class ya’ll……let’s do it again! Talk about learn and have fun…..what an exciting way to stamp! hugz


  2. Thanks, Maria, for this treasured stroll down memory lane!! What an awesome weekend!! It was a dream come true for me to meet and work with you, Dee, Lisa, and Traci!!

    The massive amount of preparation and thought which was put into this event by each and every one of you made for an amazing day of learning, stamping, and just plain FUN!!!

    Best of all was going around visiting and working with the wonderful ladies who traveled to the event and seeing them fall in love with your beautiful stamps just as I did two short years ago!

    A big thanks to all the sponsors who shared so generously and added to the excitement of the day. This includes you, Maria! The totes of each participant went home stuffed with awesome goodies!!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and memories of this remarkable event!


  3. It sounds like you had a fabulous time! Those projects look amazing!!!


  4. Time to come to Ohio, next! I’ll show you some good ole’ Buckeye hospitality, and I haven’t forgotten how to do the “multi-step” dance… just haven’t had the time recently! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!


  5. I am so glad your first workshop was such a great success, although I had no doubt! I’m sure this is just the first of many, many more to come. Congrats! I am so proud of you!


  6. What wonderful pictures and memories to run through a Sunday morning!! Just makes me miss you guys all over again. Can’t wait until March when I can see your lovely smiling faces again. HUGS & KISSES


  7. Thank you for showing the wonderful photos, Maria!! I can see a lot of smiles there :):) We need to do this event again soon!!


  8. It was definitely one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken. I am excited about the blooming friendships that have started. I think I have finally caught up on my sleep! LOL I think Ohio state has thrown down the challenge. HMMM Southern hospitality or Buckeye hospitality????? I am not sure that Dee (&Antoine) can be beat.


  9. Looks like such a great time Maria!! Congrats on your success! 🙂


  10. Thanks for sharing the photos, I wished I was there! The card samples are so beautiful, I am happy that my sunflowers will be here soon.
    Congratulations Maria!


  11. Thanks again to Dee for putting together the event. A big HUG to my new stamping friends! I’m so happy the event was a success for you Maria!


  12. Maria, I was so happy to meet you and all the rest of the KSS crew plus all the other ladies there w/me learning how to master multi-stamp stamping! What an amazing process and the images look like paintings when you finish.

    I had a blast and cannot wait to do this again, gf! You were awesome for having this and Dee did such a fantastic job of all the arrangements. You all rock!

    Thanks again for such a wonderful weekend.


  13. Oh, it looks like SUCH a fun event! Glad it turned out well and you all obviously had a good time!!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!! Looks like a GREAT stamp set!!!


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