… and the winners from the “Kitchen Sink Stamps turns ONE!” Give Away are…

Thank you everyone for playing and joining in on all the fun! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!!! 😀

(WordPress is not having that much fun right now & does not want me to download any images … party pooper!!!!) … BUT I am not going to make anyone wait to find out who the winners are… 😀

……. and the WINNERS are ……..


Day #1 Give Away: 1 set of 4 -3.5″x3.5″ Acrylic Stamping Blocks and 2 bottles of Dew Drops from Robin’s Nest.

#95 – Melissa … who said – My favorite flower is the hibiscus! Especially the bright pink ones! I have four hibiscus plants in my garden and I just love them!

Congratulations Melissa!!! – please email me your shipping address and your choice of 2 colors of dew drops to go with your blocks. Ya-Hoo!!!


Day #2 Give Away: 8 Memento Dew Drop Inks (winner’s choice of colors).

#56 – Nancy Parks! … who said – OK here goes….3 Step Daisy
Happy Birthday Cupcake
Playful Alphabet
Pretty Petals
Thanks w/ style

Congratulations Nancy !!!- please email me your shipping address and your choice for the 8 colors of Memento dew drops inks. YEAH!!!

Sorry if this was a tough question ….. sooo many readers missed it by ONE! There were 5 readers who did get it right … and you know who you are! 😀 ( Elaine, Laurie, Pammy Jo, Maureen W. and Caiti – ladies, please email me your address… I have an extra goodie to send you for getting the answer correct! :D).

The correct answer to:

Q: What were the first 5 stamp sets that Kitchen Sink Stamps released on Sept. 25th?

A: 3 Step Daisy

Playful Alphabet

Background & Borders

Pretty Petals

Thanks with Style


Day #3 Give Away: $25.00 Kitchen Sink Stamps Gift Certificate. Enter HERE for Day #3 give away.

#9 – Monica Bender! … who said – My FAVORITE B-Day Cake is a Moist Chocolate Cake with a Whipped Cream Icing! I just Love the fluff of the WC icing and am a Big Choco person!
My Granny use to make all our B-Day cakes growing up (She was a cake lady locally) and she got older and unable to decorate anymore due to Arthritis….So sadly we have had to store buy B-Day cakes for the last 5 or so years! Even though some SB is scrumpcious….I sure Miss her cakes though!!

Congratulations Monica !!!- please email me your email address to send you your $25 gift certificate. Woo-Hoo!


Day #4 Give Away: “A SINK FULL O’ FUN” – All 5 New Kitchen Sink Stamp Sets releasing on the 25th!!!

#3 – Pammy Jo! … who said – thanks for all the peeks – can’t wait to see everything! on my birthday it is nice to just go out to eat with my family so everyone can relax and enjoy! it is such a luxury to do not much of anything 😀

Congratulations…Way to GO – Pammy Jo!!! – please email me your shipping address and your 5 New KSS will be on their way!!! 😀

GEE!!! I can’t even show a card!!! (RATS!!!!) … well, please come back and I will have the full cards to show you from the sneak peeks! Thanks so much for being so patient. 😀


5 thoughts on “… and the winners from the “Kitchen Sink Stamps turns ONE!” Give Away are…

  1. Congratulations to all the winners! I almost won…. the first name, Nancy won… but the last name wasn’t mine. hehe! But congrats to the Nancy and all the others who did win!

    And I knew I saw pansies! which happen to be another one of my favorite flowers. 😀


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