Sneak Peek #5 and Give away!

Sneak Peek #5


To Play: Vote once a day for your favorite sneak peek by leaving a comment (only one comment per peek). The sneak peek set with the most votes will be the set that will be the prize.
The winner will be picked by a random number generator & checker
This give away will end August 3rd (midnight EST).
The winner will be announced on August 4th … so make sure to come back to see if you won!


42 thoughts on “Sneak Peek #5 and Give away!

  1. It is pretty obvious that this one has an ocean scene. Nice choice for a set. I love seashells too! Your stamps are the best!


  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmm, I’m thinking I’m really liking this one. Ocean scene? Looks like a very peaceful card!!
    Thanks again for the opportunity to win…
    Vicky Sitterly~~


  3. I’m lovin this one. It looks like a sand dollar. This looks like you could make some cute jewerly with this image. I’m lovin everything so far still.


  4. Oh my… right up there with the fall leaves and the butterfly closely follows… but a sand dollar/seaside set knocks the butterfly into third place for me!! I love anything for the water and the ocean… Your new designs are truly inspired!


  5. I love sand dollars. I just purchased a Sand Dollar charm for my Mom to match her sea life bracelet. My mom will love this stamp set. This will definitely be on the top of my list.


  6. This is becoming more difficult with each beautiful stamp set. I think I might just have to close my eyes and point to pick which one I like the best! LOL I love the sand dollar and if the smaller star fish is part of the stamp as well……….. Oh my, I have to add this to my wish list too! Thanks for all the great stamp sets, I can’t wait to start getting them.


  7. Oh my!! These are very pretty shells. Now it’s getting harder to choose…might have to get them all! I can’t wait to see the big reveal!

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. soooo cool! beachy theme! geez now i’m torn! I think I’ll stick with the butterflies – but probably end up with them all!!


  9. OK, great sand dollar – so we’re going to get a nautical set! Can’t wait to see the whole set. I’m still voting for the butterfly!


  10. Don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m tied between the 1st butterfly and now these beautiful shells. I want to vote for two! LOL!! I can’t wait to see the entire set.


  11. I’m really liking the sea related one from today and also the fall leaves… I am a sucker for leaves for some reason.

    Any chance of doing a bird set someday? I just LOVE your stamps, I highly recommend your stamps to all my stamping friends.


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