It’s Sneak Peek Time again in the Kitchen!

Kitchen Sink Stamps is gearing up for a new release on Tuesday, August 5th with 7 new stamp sets!

7 new stamp sets can only mean …. I have 7 sneak peeks for you! 😀 And because I had so much fun with the sneak peeks and give away last time …. would I be too boring to do it again?

Hmmm, I hope not! 😀

So , starting today, I will share one sneak peek for the next 7 days… a peek for each new stamp set and the sneak peek that receives the most comments with be given away to one lucky reader. Woo-Hoo!!!

So are you ready to play???

To Play: Vote once a day for your favorite sneak peek by leaving a comment (only one comment per peek). The sneak peek set with the most votes will be the set that will be the prize.
The winner will be picked by a random number generator & checker
This give away will end August 3rd (midnight EST).
The winner will be announced on August 4th … so make sure to come back to see if you won!

Good Luck and thanks for playing! 😀


Sneak Peek #1


55 thoughts on “It’s Sneak Peek Time again in the Kitchen!

  1. This butterfly is gorgeous! I have a weakness for butterflies anyway and here you are with this lovely creature as a stamp! I’m excited to see the whole set.


  2. Well, I will only be able to play for 2 days as we are going away to the mountains on Wed. so I will have to say my favorite is this first peek–the butterfly. Love the detail. Thanks for showing us the sneaks.


  3. Butterflies are my favorite! I guess I’d better set some $ aside for this stamp set. Imagine all the color possibilities with the layers!

    Big Hugs,
    Ruth C


  4. I just got my first Kitchen Sink order. OMG! Now you have butterflies. Like some others, they are some of my favorite images. Oh, I hope I win, but if I don’t I know someone will be real happy out there!


  5. I love butterflies and have a collection of them. So now your sneaky peek is enticing me to add your butterfly to my list. I love the layers of colors… it a realistic feature.


  6. Wow!!!! Guess I know where I will be spending my next stamping dollars. Just love this butterfly. Can’t wait to see the rest of the set. This is going to be a fun set.



  7. Oh my – that butterfly!! I’m not even commenting for a chance to win a set… I just have to say that a Kitchen Sink butterfly is a dream come true. Beautiful!


  8. I love butterflies, dragonflies, birds and to have them in 3 step stamping (or 4) is awesome!! I have to have that set!


  9. I love this butterfly. I only recently discovered your stamps and I just can’t believe the realistic look they have. I can’t wait to see the rest of this set and the rest of the sneak peaks. Thank you for allowing someone to be the lucky winner.


  10. I love butterfly as well. I agree with other stampers that KSS have a realistic look, once you experiment a bit with the color combo, you can make great cards and they look like if they were painted. I can’t wait to see the whole set!


  11. OH MY!! How beautiful! The color choices with a butterfly!! I love the 3 steps and I’m betting this one will top my list!


  12. Absolutely Gorgious! This is a must have stamp set and I don’t even know what the other ones look like yet. LOL Like so many others I too have a weakness for the Butterfly and this one is beautiful. I can’t wait to get one and start stamping away. Thanks for sharing this sneak peek with us.


  13. OooHH!! Another round of sneak peeks is NOT boring…and you started with a beauty!! I’m in love with this set already!!


  14. I have not been on your site for some time (since my last order) so I was so surprised to see all of the new stamps and now BUTTERFLIES! Yahoo! My wedding was all butterfly themed (7 years ago)! Butterflies mean so much to me!


  15. I love this beautiful butterfly. I see so many possibilities
    with this set. I don’t own a three-step set yet so this
    would be a real prize to me. Thanks for the opportunity
    to win this.


  16. Oh, I absolutely love butterflies. We started out doing our Church card ministry with butterflies and continue to do so.
    This one is beyond beautiful. I know it will be another classy, gorgeous set.


  17. BUTTERFLIES!!! I can’t believe it! I can hardly wait to see the entire set. These will go so well with the fabulous floral stamps Kitchen Sink Stamps already has out there. WOW!!!


  18. Hooray! I love butterflies!

    Can’t wait to see the full set.


    (PS – my order arrived yesterday, I can’t believe how FASt that was! You guys ROCK!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  19. Oooh, I love butterfly stamps and I can tell that this one will be one of my favorites! Can’t wait to see all of it!


  20. Do I see a layered butterfly set? Oh what a dream come true that would be! I love butterfly stamps but they can be difficult to color. Layering the image makes it beautiful with minimal work. Love it!


  21. Oh wow, two of my favourite things….kitchen sink stamps and butterflies!! I can’t wait to see the set for this…pick!


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