8 Days of Peeks & A Give Away – #7

Sneak Peek #7


To Play: Vote once a day for your favorite set (only one comment per sneak peek). The set with the most votes will be the set that I will be giving away.

The winner will be picked by http://www.randomorg.com
This give away will end June 1st (midnight EST)

The winner will be announced June 2nd… so make sure to check back!


46 thoughts on “8 Days of Peeks & A Give Away – #7

  1. Swirls maske great backgrounds. Thanks so much for sharing all the sneak peeks. I have a feeling i’m not going to be able to decide what I like the best once I seethem all.


  2. Day 7 already? I’ve missed the other 6 days!!!!!

    My fav is definitely the hyrdrangeas (so far…but it seems every month I have a new fav from you!!!! )
    Keep up the awesome work and thanks SO much for sharing!!
    ~Lana B~


  3. This would be terrific for the 4th of July or falling in love or Valentine’s! Can we ever have enough swirls! Thanks for the chance! Any set from you just makes my heart soar!!


  4. It is beautiful, but I still love the florals. I know all of your new sets will be wonderful. I am (very) anxiously awaiting your new releases.


  5. WOW! Absolutely love this peek :). Swirls make me think of how
    “going with the flow” helps us get along in life more easily. The
    stars are a lovely part of nature as well as showing enthuasiam, proudness. The dots are the added embellishments that add a nice finish to many things. As you can guess, my vote is definitely
    for this terrific looking swirl design. However, I must say, all the designs are lovely and will be hard to choose favorite.


  6. Oh, I like it alot. You are making this just too hard. This is a cool background stamp and if it has iterchangeable images like snow flakes and hearts in place of the stars- that would be amazing. Maybe it is patriotic???

    I am starting to have second thoughts but there are so many choices. #! is the plaid this time.


  7. These are all very tempting…can’t wait to see the whole page! I am still very partial to your fantastic florals.


  8. Loving this swirls and stars stamp…. to have it stamped and embossed YUMMY!!! can’t wait to see the whole set!!
    LOVE it!


  9. Oh, this is getting more difficult with each sneak peek. I really like this one, Now I’m not sure which is my favorite.I’ll have to see the complete set of each.


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