8 Days of Peeks & A Give Away – #6

Sneak Peek #6


To Play: Vote once a day for your favorite set (only one comment per sneak peek). The set with the most votes will be the set that I will be giving away.

The winner will be picked by http://www.randomorg.com
This give away will end June 1st (midnight EST)

The winner will be announced June 2nd… so make sure to check back!


46 thoughts on “8 Days of Peeks & A Give Away – #6

  1. I love this script and can’t wait to see what other words you’ve created! I think my favorite so far is the baseball one – and only because my DS plays right now. LOL


  2. This looks like a teacher set. I have several teachers in the family and I was a school secretary so I hope it is.


  3. Every time I see a new sneak peek my favorite changes. I’m going to have to go with this one b/c I really could use a teacher set. With three kids raning in age from 13 to 5 I will be making teacher things for a long time to come.


  4. OHHHH – this one looks good too. I have teachers’ gifts to do soon. The font is nice too – can’t wait to see it all:) Perfect timing


  5. OOOOHHHHH! The decision is getting harder and harder…..I love the hibiscus, but not sure how often I would use it, depends on what else is with it. I also like the graduation one as my son graduates from HS next week. I have a set, but think I will like this one even better as it will be so easy to do the school colors with it. (black and teal). So it is a toss up…but for usuage, I think I would have to go with the graduation as my fav so far. But I like them all….the teacher one looks nice, but since he is graduating I don’t know if it would get used much. If it had come out before he would use it himself for the end of year cards he always makes for his teachers himself. He is now 18 and has stamped the occasional card since he was 12.


  6. This is beautiful but all your scripts are. I know I would get a lot of use out of this set because I’m always making for my daughter’s teachers. But I NEED the hibiscus! LOL


  7. Love this font! Wish I knew more about the set – that is always the hard part – but it is fun to guess. I still like the plaid alot but Ill stick with my hibiscus.


  8. This looks like it could be a school set with the word “teacher” and the stars. I like both. The stars could be used a lot of ways, especially since my kids go to a school called “North Stars”. Before this sneak peak the flowers were my favorit, but now this one is.


  9. Well, I’m a piano teacher, and all 3 of my kids and two sons-in-law are teachers, so this set might be a close second. But I still like the plaid!



  10. This is a really good looking font! I love words that appear to have been well written in cursive – this surely is nicely done! Sure
    do want to see what else is in this set!!


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