Last minute late thoughts from the Kitchen

It was the night before Christmas and to my horror…

I discover, I had run out and there were no more gift bows!

Lots of packages ‘n gift cards still needing to be wrapped…

Its 11:00 pm, surely every place is about to close!

“What to do, what to do??? I am not finished!”

… I ask my DH as he begins to doze.

Then all of sudden arose such a clatter…

As my brain started to spark and fire up that old grey matter.

I know were I can find more bows!!!

I remember one of those wonderful SCS tutorial demos!

Thank you SCS, you saved me from my last minute wrapping woes!

You can see this great tutorial on SCS by Jessica and learn how to make her paper bows.


I made a small change, I needed smaller bows. So, I cut my strips 1/2″ x 3″.

I used 8 strips to make a small bow. Punched a hole with my crop-a-dial at the base of each bow section and held all 8 sections together with a giant brad for the center.

A great way to use up ribbon scraps too! 😀 Merry Christmas!



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